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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Ted Cruz has 10 reasons to loose the Republican presidential nomination

Senator Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz of Texas appears to be "shocked-shocked!" when his political opponents call him a liar.
Of course, "liar" is harsh on anybody's ego, but the facts don't lie when Curz fumbles with his rhetorical political positions.  
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Ted Cruz was "born near the USA", but it doesn't qualify him to be President of the nation.
Indeed, chronic hypocrisy and lying are parellel behaviors. There's no doubt about the "birther" Senator's unlimited capacity for hypocritical rhetoric. For example, it's downright hypocritical for Senator Cruz to have wasted time leading a national debate about Barack Obama's birth right, claiming he wasn't qualified to be the President of the United States, because he was supposedly  and erroneously born in Kenya. Incredulously, Rafael "Ted" Cruz, himself, was born in Canada! Now, Cruz is running for the same office he accused President Obama of being unqualified to hold, yet, proof exists of Cruz's Canadian birth. There was never any proof of President Obama having been born in Kenya, as the "birthers" wrongly asserted. In fact, there was plenty of proof about President Obama being born in Hawaii.
In other words, the birthers lied about the location of President Obama's birth place. Therefore, Cruz lied.

Honestly, Cruz only tells the  truth when he's defending the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms or any kind of bullet shooting weapons. Nevertheless, the lies show up when Cruz tries to discredit the intention of other political positions made by humanitarian people who are trying prevent gun violence, by regulating the sale of assault weapons. Abolutely no one is going to erase the Second Amendment out of the Constitution! It's a lie to assume the intent of people who want to save lives by regulating the sale of assault weapons are really trying to eliminate the Second Amendment in the Constitution. Therefore, Cruz lied.

Cruz is opposed to immigration reform, humanely providing a path to citizenship for immigrants who meet certain requirements. Unbelievably, Senator Cruz is himself an immigrant, because he was born in Canada! Although Cruz's mother was an American citizen, she went to Canada to be with her husband at the time Cruz was born. Therefore, it's highly questionable about whether or not Cruz is a natural born citizen of the United States.
Natural born, in my mind, means born as a US Citizens in an American state or terrirtory or when both parents are citizens but living outside the country, due to special work or circumstances. I'm certainly no authority on this issue, but it's virtually impossible for Cruz to unequivically claim he's a "natural born citizen". Moreover, Cruz refuses to clarify this important Constitutional issue. Therefore, Cruz lied.

Here are other reasons why Senator "Cruz to loose" should never be given an opportunity to become our nation's leader:
  • Even political colleague Sarah Palin didn't endorse Cruz. Rather, she overtly endorsed Donald Trump "the chump".
  • Senator Cruz puts his two young daughters into political advertisements. This is unethical practice, in my opinion, and exploitaton of his innocent children for a purely political purpose. In fact, Cruz's two precious daughters are seen in paid political ads more often than his pretty wife. It's not right.
  • Senator Cruz often called his colleagues in the US Senate "a cartel", like they were dealing in clandestine goods, like illegal drugs. This accusation, and the ugly label were unpatriotic and a downright lie. If Senator Cruz believed a "cartel" was running the Congress, he should've reported the activity to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), rather than lie about the "august body" of law makers, of which he is a member.
  • Cruz said he'll block any nominee President Obama puts forth to suceed Justice Antonin Scalia, who died (1936-2016). This is contrary to the US Constitution, where the direction is clearly that it's the responsibility of Cruz to join the Senate to "advise and consent" with the President, about the nomination for Supreme Court justice. To overtly block or filibuser any attempt to vote on President Obama's nominee to succeed Justice Scalia is seditious behavior, in my opinion, and therefore, disqualfies Cruz from running for President. In fact, sedition is a federal crime.
  • Being pro-life, as Cruz claims to be, he's, also, hypocritically:
    • pro-death penalty
    • against any Second Amendment changes, whereby lives could be saved from preventable gun violence by assault weapons
    • against immigration reform, regardless of how distressed innocent families are about re-uniting with loved ones, who are unfairly deported
    • against the Affordable Care Act - ACA, (aka "Obamacare") whereby millions of people pay for and receive health insurance coverage
It's likely I've exceeded the 10 reasons Senator Cruz should never be considered as a candidate for U.S. President. Frankly, any of these reasons should be enough to disqualify the Cruz candidacy. Let's face it, by being born "close by" in Canada, doesn't make the Constitutional qualification cut. In fact, "Cruz to loose" is wasting our time by trying to compete with those who are fundamentally better qualified to be President than he is, because, even the worst of them, at the very least, are not "liars". Born near the USA should be enough of a reason to disqualify "Cruz to loose".

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