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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Republicans - memory impaired politicians

It's obvious the Republican party has supported a systematic "dumbing down" of the voter. Rather than build up America with inspired visionary ideas, the party has succedded to construct their reputation as an anti-tax, anti-immigration, anti- second amendment reforms, anti-science, anti-women's reproductive health, anti-poor minority people and anti- history. Unfortunately, Republicans who contribute to this stunted philosophy of regressive thinking must be suffering with memory impariment.  

Here's why:

1.  Anti-tax forgetfuleness: By constantly cutting taxes, the Republicans are putting our nation's already crumbling infrastructure into a state off delayed maintenance disrepair. In other words, by saving tax payers money, the Republcians will, in reality, cost us more in the long run because fixing "delayed maintenance" will be more expensive over time, than keeping repairs current. Republicans forget the value of "opportunity costs". It's an accounting 101 principle, where the cost of investing today will support competitive initiatives for the future. By delaying the payment for infrastructure using today's tax dollars, the Republicans will cost us more when repairs expenses grow with inflation. 

2.  Anti-immigration- Republicans have acute "short term memory loss" regarding their anti-immigration reforms.  Simply stated, every single one of the Republicans who oppose immigration reforms are descended from immigrants. They have forgotten this basic genealogical fact.

3.  Anti-second amendment regulatory reforms - Rather than protect Americans from gun violence, Republicans deliberately forget their "pro-life" zeal. They forget to be pro-life for the purpose of allowing everybody to own guns. In fact, Republicans forget to be "pro-life" when they're asked to support regulatory changes to improve gun safety and prevent thousands of preventable deaths by keeping assault weapons out of the hands of people intent taking life away from other human beings. Indeed, the Second Amendment is hardly "pro-life".

4.  Anti-science- Republicans have actue short term memory loss when they are confronted with the science about the damage climate change is doing to our environment. They forget about the melting polar ice caps, the growing intensity of ocean storms and the sinking of the Polynesian Islands. Pretty soon, if the ice caps continue to melt, if ocean storms wipe out the population infrastructures on both American coastlines and Polynesia becomes a sub-Pacific mountain chain, then Republicans won't have to remember how people, the nature in their enviornments and the places where they lived ever existed.  

5.  Anti-women's health- Republicans forget about physiological facts when confronted about how to protect women's reproductive health.  Rather than remember how rape is a violent crime, some of them believe the woman has a physiological ability to prevent pregnancy during an assault. Republicans choose to forget how supporting women's health is essential to population growth. We must remember to respect the reproductive health of all women.

6.  Anti- minority poor - Republicans forget how the American dream made each of them prosperous. Instead, they seem to deny others the opportunities they have enjoyed as a result of being given access to equal rights. Most Republicans weren't born into wealth. In fact, many were raised in minority ethnic communities.Nevertheless, for some unexplainable reason, those who share in America's wealth do not remember  how to give the same chance to others.
Republicans are leading voters into the terminall illness caused by memory impairment
7.  Anti-history - Republicans forget to remember how Black slaves were trapped and forced from their families and homes in Africa to be bought and sold like property, stripped of all human rights.  Instead, Texas history books are now calling slaves "migrant workers". Republicans have short term history memories.

Memory impaired Republicans are infecting our nation with their impairments.

Democrats must strenuously rally behind progressive candidates who provide urgently needed antedotes to stop the political poison and the dumbing down of the American voter. We must remind everyone how short term memory losses eventually risks becoming terminal diseases.

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