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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Senator Marco Rubio wouldn't be a candidate without the Bush family support

Marco Rubio misses everytine he has the spotlight as a presidential candidate.

Senator Rubio has failed to capture a leadership position when given the national limelight 

It's certainly ironic to realize how Senator Marco Rubio wouldn't be a 2016, presidential candidate, unless the Bush fmaily had supported him to run for his Florida senate seat. 

Yet, the young Florida Senator is now challenging his mentor, Governor Jeb Bush, for the GOP presidential nomination. Nevertheless, given the opportuntiy for Senator Rubio to absorb the national limelight, he fails everytime. Again, at the December 15th, GOP Debate in Las Vegas, the trend for Rubio to stumble continued. In other words, given the opportunity for Senator Rubio to seize the stage and capture the limelight, he stumbled into a confusing conversation with Senator Rand Paul about national surveillance legislation and lost his momentum to speak to the American people.  

Rubio failed his entre to the American people when he perferred drinkign out of a water bottle to taking charge of his opportunity to demonstrate leadership during his national debut following President Obama's 2103, State of the Union speech.

In fact, it was a rough GOP debate for Marco Rubio. He finally got that long-awaited challenge on his previous support for the “Gang of Eight” immigration-law overhaul, which he handled well enough. But, any way you look at it, this puts him to the left of the field on the major animating issue of the Republican campaign. He continually took fire from a surging right wing Senator Ted Cruz and a feisty Rand Paul. He spent much of the debate night on the defensive.

The Daily Beast reports, what Rubio didn’t need on Tuesday night was another establishmentarian, like Chris Christie, putting points on the debate board. Part of the reason Cruz, and Trump and Ben Carson have been so successful has been that the moderate vote is divided among so many candidates; the best thing that could’ve happened for the anti-insurgent effort is for a clear alternative to the Cruz/Trump emerging in the very near future, and that sure didn’t happen at Tuesday night's debate.

Is there a Republican alternative to right wing Donald Trump or Senator Ted Cruz (to loose).
What about Governor Chris Christie? He's the guy who spent the last debate at the GOP kids’ table. Sure, he's a potential alternative, if he can capture New Hampshire and roll into the Southern states with a big win under his belt. But let’s not forget that the Fort Lee traffic jam will continue to haunt him, that he’s squishy on plenty of big issues that are important to the base, that his embrace of President Obama is still ready-made footage for an attack ad, that he’s deeply unpopular in the NJ state he governs and that his temperament hasn’t exactly endeared him to voters outside the Northeast.

But without Christie or Rubio, who is there? Jeb? Or, is anyone still holding out hope for a Governor John Kasich surge?  

Although Rubio seems to have some "beltway buzzz" says The Daily Beast, no one seems to know what primary election he can actually win, especially when it's widely reported that he doesn't have much of a campaign committee in the early voting states.  

Republicans have waited for Senator Rubio to surge in the polls. but it hasn't happened yet. Why?  In my opinion, it's because everytime the junior Florida Senator has the opportunity to rise to the top, instead, he reaches for his "blinky bottle". Moreover, from a strategic point of view, a candidate should be leary of leaving the date they came in with. In other words, Rubio should've embraced the Bush family and never left their limelight. When Rubio challenged the very family who put him in the US Senate, that's just plainly not very nice, especially for a young upstart with no leadership credentials.

It seems to me, Senator Rubio should go back to selling his book and exit the 2016 presidential campaign.  He should throw his support behind Governor Jeb Bush aka "Jeb!" and become as good a disciple as possible.  In being a good "follower" it's possible Senator Rubio might everntually learn how to be a real leader; but he's clearly not ready to be the leader of the free world when he can't even eliminate the unpopular Senator Ted Cruz from the GOP candidate line up.

Rubio might wind up being the last GOP male candidate standing to be nominated for the 2016, presidential campaign. Yet, if that unlikely circumstance becomes reality, I predict, here in Maine Writer, that Rubio's inexperience will cause his candidacy to crash and burn. Better for Rubio to exit, stage right, while he still has a book he can sell.

(In fact, no proverbial "winner" emerged in the December 15th GOP debate in Las Vegas. Rather, the line up looked even more chaotic than ever before.)

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