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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Republicans created "Trumpenstine"

Republicans have created "Trumpenstine"

It's amazingly hypocritical to see how Republicans are pushing back on the presidential candidacy of "Donald Trump the Chump" because he happens to be upstaging their traditional campaign strategies.  Trump is also taking all the political oxygen away  from the traditonal Republican candidates.

In other words, by brutally speaking his mind and self funding his campaign, Donald Trump has turned into  "Trumpenstine" (or, as Mel Brooks would say, "steen").  

Repubicans use incendiary rhetoric whenever it's possible to capture headlines. Moreover, they do so without regard for the consequences. Now, they're somehow "shocked...shocked?" because Donald Trump has ardent followers for his extremist views on immigration, damaging stereotypes about Mexicans and against about innocent people who happen to be Muslims.

Obviously, Republicans must remove Donald Trump from being the 2016, GOP presidential nominee. As Senator Lindsey Graham says, Trump will serve as a wrecking ball for the Republican party if he becomes the party's nominee.  

Meanwhile, the other Republican candidates can't differentiate themselves from Donald Trump's extremism because, frankly, too many in the right wing are accepting his outrageous messages. Unfortunately, Republicans are trapped by their own extremism. They can't deny it because, doing so, will disenfranchise Trumpenstine's followers.  

So what's the solution? It's likely the Republicans would rather protect their slim majority in the US Senate than to win the presidency. In fact, the US government is run by the Senate. Therefore, if Trumpenstine is a "wrecking ball" for the Republican party, he will also loose their important US Senate majority.
Surely, with the line-up of GOP candidates who can't create a cohesive message now trying to take out one another, it seems unlikely they'll coalesce around a single presidential candidate. 

But, with the potential of Trumpenstine at the head of the presidential ticket, the Republicans also put at risk their Senatorial power. As Senator Graham said, the bombastic "wrecking ball" will destroy the entire party.

Of course, Republicans are certainly "reaping what they sow". Yet, now they're pushing back because their Trumpenstine, clearly, isn't about to go back into their political cauldron and evaporate in steam.

It's time for responsible conservative party leaders who re-create the Republican party. Meanwhile, Trumpenstine is branding Republians as the party of fear, just like a monster in a grade B movie of the 1950s, only much more seriously dangerous.

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