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Monday, December 14, 2015

Republicans in a tailspin- Donald Trump and Ted Cruz "loop the loops"

"Jiminy Cricket this is a made-up, nonsense example. Last I checked, we don’t have a rubber shortage in America. Look, when I was in college, we had a machine in the bathroom you put 50 cents in it, voila!,” said United States Senator Ted Cruz on video during a campaign talk.  ("He stoops to conquer" comes to mind as an idiom for this Cruz disgusting quote).  It's terrible moments like "rubbers for all" quote that're putting all Republicans in a tailspin.)
Trump and Cruz are taking the Republican party into a tailspin

Republicans certainly experienced a wave of electoral wins in local and gubernatorial elections, but can't produce a leading, viable, credible, believable, trustworthy, likeable or main stream candidate to win a national election to become leader of the free world. Instead of building their party leadership, based on their local election victories in states and municipalities, they're entering a national tailspin with candidates Donald Trump (Trumpenstine - Mel Brooks says "steen") and Ted Cruz (Cruz to loose) creating dangerous loop the loops impacting on the entire Republican party.

CNN - How Donald Trump took the Republican Party by storm by By Stephen Collinson

Donald Trump's political hurricane is no accident. It's been brewing in the Republican Party for decades. (Yup! It's like your mother's proverb: "What goes around comes around".)

Yes, the wild force tearing through the Republican White House race is a reflection of the grass roots' current fury at government and a revolt against establishment party leaders that has already swept away the likes of former House Speaker John Boehner and his lieutenant, Eric Cantor.

And it's at least partly an individual phenomenon based on the charismatic appeal of Trump himself. The billionaire's brash television virtuosity and mastery of social media has connected with an angry swath of Republican voters in a way no other candidate has managed and will be put to the test again in the final GOP debate of the year, on CNN, from Las Vegas Tuesday night.

But the Trump tempest has long been building. GOP critics argue the party has brought his destabilizing intervention on itself by not squelching controversies like claims he helped fuel that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States or explosive rhetoric about illegal immigrants. This contentious atmosphere has detracted from the debate on the nature of authentic conservatism that many partisans had expected in the 2016 race.

Ted Cruz: Enough! Says let's have condoms for all!

He did not use eloquent prose, but instead mocked Hillary Clinton's attacks on the GOP about contraception and women's health issues.
(Can't wait to see those ugly video clips in Political Action Committee campaign ads!)

Ted Cruz wants Iowans to know one thing for sure: He’s certain there’s no scarcity of condoms in the country.

Speaking at a town hall meeting in Bettendorf, Iowa on Monday, the Republican senator from Texas discussed his views on contraception and women’s health issues at the end of a three-day stint in the state.  (Perfect set up for candidate fatigue syndrome.)

Cruz addressed what he claimed to be flaws in Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s policies toward women’s health issues surrounding abortion and contraception. He also didn’t miss the opportunity to debunk the Republican Party’s nickname of “the condom police,” which he said Clinton had assigned.

But, then, things got uncomfortable when Cruz turned the policy discussion, laced with nostalgia about his wife and two children, to a memory of the easy availability of condoms during his Ivy League days. (Evidently, the "Elmer Gantry" of the Senate lived up to this Sinclair Lewis stereotype.)

Jiminy Cricket this is a made-up, nonsense example. Last I checked, we don’t have a rubber shortage in America. Look, when I was in college, we had a machine in the bathroom you put 50 cents in it, voila!,” he continued.

Cruz, 44, graduated from Princeton University in 1992, and then from Harvard Law School in 1995. (These two esteemed academic establishments should be re-examining their graduation criteria!)

Obviously, the Republican party was counting on the standard bearer Jeb Bush, aka "Jeb!", to keep them from a political crash landing. Well, that hasn't worked.

Now, the party is stuck dancing with the candiates they came into the campaign with and neither one of the loosers are destined to be elected as bells of the presidential 2016 election.

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