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Monday, June 15, 2015

Jeb Bush has opened his own political version of Pandora's Box

Unfortunately, Jeb Bush decided, finally, to (yawn!) run for US President. If successful, he'll be the 3rd person in his family to achieve the status of President of the United States.  

Although "Jeb!" and his eventual candidacy isn't confirmed until he's nominated, his announcement has now opened up his family's legacy to microscopic scrutiny.  

Here are the litany of Pandora's Box questions that Jeb Bush must answer, if he intends to be nominated as the successful Republican candidate:

1.  Why did the Florida 2000 presidential vote count end before all votes were counted? In fact, America will never have an accurate count of the "hanging chad" votes, those not counted or mis-counted in the 2000 presidential election, while Mr. Jeb Bush was Florida's governor.

2.  Can Governor Jeb Bush explain how it is that Florida is immersed in so much defense money?

3.  Please explain to America why your brother George W. Bush illegally invaded the sovereign country of Iraq, under the false premise of finding non-existant "Weapons of Mass Destruction"?

4.  Can you provide Americans with a vision of how you intend to protect the most vulnerable people in our nation, as you claim?  

5.  Mr. Bush, let's be honest, your father and brother weren't stellar leaders. There are thousands of victims of your family's gross mismanagement of international relations, i,e, the failed Wars in Iraq. Nevertheless, they became presidents because of enormous financial backing. Moreover, you've never been a middle class person (never!). Therefore, how in the world would you be able to understand how to improve the human condition for working people, when nobody in your family has ever been one?

In a pragmatic sense, other Pandora Box questions includes asking why your world class presidential 2016, campaign roll out would bring you to the podium of a sterile school hall, without a sea of American flags or otherwise inspiring images? (All I saw were a litany of meaningless hand held signs.)

In summary, I just can't sense why it is "Jeb!", aka "Jeb Bush" wants to be president of the United States?  

In my opinion, "Jeb!" hasn't shown a flair for the leadership job. Rather, his campaign roll out was a rhetorical replay of tired newsreels (and his hideous 'sans tie' shirt, didn't help).

Yawn!  "Jeb" isn't up to the job.  He certainly has a pedigree family name, but he just doesn't have the right stuff.

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