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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Can ISIS be defeated by the weather?

Certainly, I don't put any faith in evil ISIS falling victim to hot weather.  Nevertheless, the fact is, Pakistan (a hostile Muslim nation) is experiencing weather temperature high heat, intense enough to kill hundreds (and more) people

Health officials say most of the deaths were in Karachi, which saw temperatures as high as 113 deg F, in recent days.

The city has seen power cuts, caused by an increased demand for electricity caused by the extreme weather.

The head of the emergency department at Jinnah Hospital in Karachi said the majority of the victims were elderly.

How can evil ISIS continue to advance their military strategy if the rank and file troops are wondering whether or not their families are surviving, in an unprecedented deadly heat wave?

Evil ISIS is rooted in the Middle East, in Iraq and places in other surrounding countries. But, the radical movement's tentacles extend to several nearby countries. 

Ultimately, in my opinion, Pakistan is the root of Middle East terrorism. I have no idea why Pakistan cultivated the germs of terrorism, especially because the country's history is rooted in British democracy. Yet, somehow, radical Islam was planted there. 

But now, Pakistan is experiencing a deadly heat wave. Obviously, Pakistan isn't reporting the numbers of people dying from the current horrific heat wave. Some reported deaths are attributed to the heat. Yet, other deaths aren't counted, when the causes are caused by collateral conditions. 

For example, the lack of clean water due to the evaporation of reservoirs can be toxic to the human condition; or access to health care can be severely impeded, because the heat will interfere with the ability of patients to travel to health facilities. 

Temperatures of over 113 degrees Fahrenheit are deadly to humans. Since nearly all of Pakistan's citizens are Muslims, the intolerable heat wave will kill untold thousands of people. Eventually, evil ISIS will feel the impact of this weather carnage. Perhaps, the high heat will eventually penetrate Iran and Iraq.  If this happens, the evil ISIS troops will be unable to fight. It's like trying to negotiate a war in a snow storm, except, rather than the risk of having fighters freeze to death, they'll, instead, drop like flies due to extreme heat exhaustion. 

It's even likely that the devastating Pakistan heat can even become an unlikely ally in the fight to defeat evil ISIS terrorism. Perhaps, the heat can destroy the momentum of the terrorism, when ordinary surveillance, espionage and drones have evidently failed.  

Unfortunately, extreme heat impacts innocent people more than evil terrorists. Nevertheless, as the Pakistani people drop dead from heat exhaustion, the evil ISIS troops, who defend these religious extremists, will become increasingly distraught, from low morale, related to the loss of family members, due to heat.  

It's an ironic truism, but evil ISIS can likely withstand massacres of their own troops better than thinking about their families dropping dead from heat exhaustion. Evil ISIS military won't be able to abide not knowing how their families are surviving the deadly weather related to extraordinary heat.

There's no way to know how the Pakistan heat wave will impact world terrorism. Of course, if the 113 degree Fahrenheit heat wave continues in Pakistan, the death toll will be more devastating than any strategic drone attacks or a planned invasion, could ever be.

Weather has affected military operations on many historic campaigns. It's high time for Pakistan to contribute to war history and realize how their nation cannot withstand a high mortality heat wave and, at the same time, continue to harbor terrorism.  

In spite of drone attacks, it's remotely likely that evil ISIS can be defeated by the weather.  

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