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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

No reset button can erase the past Bush leadership failures

People who believe Jeb Bush can bring about change in Washington DC, are engaged in fanciful thinking. Instead, the Bush family has participated in the Washington DC culture of political partisanship.

The Wall Street Journal reports:
"Jeb Bush formally launched his presidential campaign on Monday, and no candidate needed it more. The former Florida Governor’s non-campaign so far has been curiously defensive, but now he has a new opening to make the case for why he can beat Hillary Clinton and be a worthy President."

By the way....
Dear Wall Street Journal~ hmmmm, is there reallysuch a thing as an "unworthy" president?  

There's no physiological way for Governor Jeb Bush to free himself from his family's political legacy with regard to the hanging chad 2000 election or the failed wars in Iraq.

Although zealous Republicans jump up and down like they're in a Punch and Judy show when the word Benghazi is mentioned, the fact is, uncounted numbers, including about 5,000 US military people, are dead and many more irreversibly injured, because of the failed Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Perhaps "Jeb!", a.k.a. Jeb Bush is in a state of denial about the brutal Iraqi war failure?

In fact, Jeb Bush simply can't reset his presidential campaign. Indeed, the burden of his family's failed political leadership is just too heavy a load on the reset button to have it toggle.  

Perhaps Governor "Jeb!" was a good Florida executive. Of course, he could hardly fail, given the flood of defense money the state was immersed in, thanks to his brother's success wining the "hanging chad" 2000 presidential election. This nepotism goes both ways. If "Jeb!"is somehow elected, his gratitude will flow back to the direction from where it originally flowed.

At this crucial point in the GOP presidential primary, the line up of now cliche "clown car" candidates holds no one who's face stands above the others as the driver.

If "Jeb!" is the GOP clown car's driver, then he needs to convince the other jokers to get out of the way of his campaign. 

Nonetheless, "Jeb!" doesn't appear to have the ability to drive the party in the direction of the reforms he says he wants to accomplish, because the Bush family's political past includes failures he simply can't explain.

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