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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Putin keeps dead military troops secret - how can Russian people put up with this autocracy?

Autocracy-  government system in which a supreme power is concentrated in the hands of one person, whose decisions are subject to neither external legal restraints nor regularized mechanisms of popular control. Nevertheless, even the autocrat Vladimir Putin in Russia is subject to a coup d'├ętat or insurrection. 

In fact, Putin is setting up an insurrection opportunity by refusing to let his government acknowledge military deaths. This oppression can't be tolerated.  Regardless of what kind of benefits the military might feel entitled to, the regard for the dead is of the highest value.  
Although war can often leave behind many unknowns, the fact is, to oppress the names of the military dead is irresponsible. 

Ivan Nechepurenko reported in The Moscow Times and printed in the June 12, 2015 The Week.

You can now be jailed for reporting on Russian death in Ukraine, said Ivan nechepurenko.  

President Vladimir Putin has signed a law that classifies all military casualties as state secrets - in times of both war and peace. Even the families of dead or injured troops will now be barred from talking about what happened to their loved ones. In fact, the decree formalizes what has been an effective Russian policy since the beginning of the Ukraine conflict. 

The Kremlin has consistently denied that Russian soldiers are fighting alongside pro-Russian rebels, and it - or someone - has punished those who say otherwise. When the Pskovskaya Gubernaia reported on secret funerals for paratroopers killed in Ukraine, one of its journalists, "was severely beaten by three unidentified men."  Opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was working on a report about the deployment of Russian troops to Ukraine when he was murdered in Moscow in February.  

Legal and military experts told us that the decree is in itself "further confirmation of Russia's direct involvement in the Ukraine conflict." But that vague confirmation is all we can now hope for.

"The main consequence of this law," says Alexander Peredruk of the Soldiers' Mothers Committee, "is that it will basically be impossible to obtain information."

Indeed, this blog is calling for President Putin to leave his autocratic government and turn his leadership over to a someone who the world can trust. 

Unfortunately, perhaps Putin is rightly terrified about letting go of his autocracy because, in so doing, his name will soon be conveniently forgotten.

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