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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dangerous Ukrainians and Russians at War

"United Nations says at least 6,000 people have been killed since fighting started in eastern Ukraine in April 2014." BBCNews

Presidential Czar Vlidimir Putin is determined to carve a road through the Ukraine to get to the annexed, and now isolated Crimea, and thereby to a warm water port.  By taking terrirotry from the Ukraine to reach the Crimea, the Russians would finally have the power to acess a warm water port for the purposes of developing its defense and to promote trade.

Tragically, the war between the Ukraine and Russia, over control of the Eastern Ukraine, is escalating.  Putin is driven to push his way through to the Crimea via the Ukraine, regardless of the consequences or how Europe feels about his relentless ambitions.  

Obviously, Putin has taken an approach similar to how Adolph Hitler handled strategies. It's evident that Putin will not retreat, regardless of the consequences.  Meanwhile, the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine is accelerating with no end in sight.

In fact, the acrimony between Russia and the Ukraine is centuries old. Therefore, this recent aggression by Putin is painfully recreating old feuds, like eviscerating surgical wounds. 

In fact, Putin's ambitions will become his undoing. He simply can't outlive his ambitious agenda, because (hello President Putin?) you are mortal.

BBCNews Reports:
Ukraine crisis: President Poroshenko talks of 'real war' with Russia

Ukraine's president has told the BBC his country is now in a "real war" with Russia - and that Ukrainians should prepare for a Russian offensive.

President Petro Poroshenko told the BBC's Fergal Keane he did not trust his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.

However he said he had no option but to negotiate with Mr Putin.

Russia denies Western accusations that it has sent regular troops and armour to help the rebels in eastern Ukraine.

The United Nations says at least 6,000 people have been killed since fighting started in eastern Ukraine in April 2014.

Pro-Russian rebels made significant gains in the region, including, most recently, the rail hub of Debaltseve. They, and Russia, have denied they are receiving Moscow's support.

But Russia's role has again come into question, after the capture on Saturday of two men Ukraine said were elite Russian soldiers working in eastern Ukraine.

In a video, the men confirmed they were active Russian servicemen, but Moscow said they were no longer employed by the state when they were caught.  (Julie's note: Isn't this absolutely disgusting? How long will it take for this kind of abandonment to infect the Russian military?  I suspect this statement is part of Putin's toxic cocktail.)

In fact, the Ukrainian and Russian war is a tinder box surrounded by a ring of fire.

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