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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Texas imploding - Republican leadership must demonstrate intelligence

"'s just another Tuesday in the lunatic asylum of American politics..."

It makes no sense, whatsoever, to believe an invasion of Texas is planned. This premise is as preposterous as believing Unidentified Flying Objects are infiltrating the human genus. 

No doubt, people afflicted with mental illness can be deluded into believing any conspiracy theories. 

Nevertheless, Texas political leadership, especially Rick Perry, have an ethical responsibility to rise above the ridiculous conspiracy about an overt invasion of the Lone Star State by the federal government. 

In comic book strips, this outrageous scenario would be among the "Believe it or Not" pages.  Mostly, "not". Except, unbelievably, many who live in Texas are among those who believe it.

In my opinion, this over the top story is more evidence of how Republicans have become "the stupid and stupider party".  

People who subscribe to these "invasion" conspiracies are even "stupider" than I could ever imagine.  

What's dangerous is how these stupider than dirt people most likely, also, vote.  

Oh My God.Please spare us from the stupid and stupider party!

In July, dozens of Black Hawk helicopters will swoop down on southeastern America, depositing special forces troops in Texas and six other sates, said Amy Davidson in

For the U.S. military, the event marks the beginning of Jade Helm 15, a routine training exercise.  But, for a growing number of paranoid conservatives in the Lone Star State, it signifies something much more terrifying. For them, the exercise, is a U.S. military takeover of Texas and beyond.  

Incredulously, the conspiracy theorists believe President Obama is secretly plotting to seize Texas and other Republican dominated states.  "They're moving logistics in place for martial law", Texas Bob Wells told a newspaper reporter.  

"It's the same thing that happened to Nazi Germany".  Unfortunately, this crackpot theorizing isn't confined to the furthest corner of the conspiratorial fever swamps, " said Heather Digby Parton, in  Instead, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott upped the hysteria by ordering the state guard to monitor the U.S. Troops, citing his concern for Texans "constitutional rights".

Okay, okay!  President Obama isn't going to invade Texas, said David French in  But, you can't blame conservatives for feeling a little paranoid, not when they've been bullied, slandered and investigated under this administration.  

Apparently, Obama's Justice Department has repeatedly called conservative activists groups "potential domestic terrorists", and his administration turned one of its most powerful bureaucracies, the IRS, into a weapon (OMG!)

In this conspiracy, the IRS has targeted Tea Party groups with systematic audits. Moreover, the Constitutions is being repeatedly upstaged by presidential executive orders.  

In this atmosphere of earned distrust, it's no wonder that conservative citizens felt targeted and maligned.  The levels of paranoia in Texas go far beyond rational boundaries, said Leslie Savan in This week, Walmart felt obliged to deny a wieespread rumor that all its Texas stores were closing so federal officials could use them as internment camps.  

Senator Ted Cruz and Rep. Louie Gohmert joined Governor Abbott in validating the conspiracy theories about Jade Helm with Gohmert saying, "Patriotic Americans have reason to be concerned,"  Sadly, it's no longer shocking to hear Republicans talk this way, said Leonard Pitts in the Miami Herald.  Today, when a Republican governor calls out guardsmen to ensure that the president doesn't stage a military coup, "we shrug because it's just another Tuesday in the lunatic asylum of American politics".

Julie's note, just when we believe the Republican "stupid party" can't go any lower into stupidity, these stories confirm just exactly "how stupid is as stupid does". 

There must be somebody in Texas who is not stupid?  If so, please demonstrate intelligent leadership and provide a reality check to this crazy conspiracy fantasy.



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