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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Pakistan waking up to terrorism

Protecting the Islamic long standing brotherhoods of tribes and alliances has apparently been more important to Pakistani government officials then saving their own people from terrorism. Now, finally, after Islamic terrorists have masacred children, the nation has been exposed to the dangerous practice of harboring extremists, just because they don't want to offend those who share blood ties.

No amount of revenge killing will save the Pakistani people from the memories of loosing innocent children in a home grown terrorist attack. This deadly attack was launched by evil Pakistani extremists who don't believe in education outside of the fundamentalism taught strictly from the Muslim Koran.  

Obviously, murder is not preached by the Mohammed inspired Koran. Nevertheless, that fact doesn't impact extremists, who believe Jihad is anything they claim it to be and, therefore, the root cause, real or imagined, must be destroyed.

Yet, when stirred to action, the Pakistani army has taken retribution for the evil and senseless murder of innocent school children. Finding those responsible for the murders is the least the Pakistani government can do for the families of their own military members who lost children in the massacre. Still, has Pakistan's government learned anything from the tragedy?  Harsh lesson number one is to realize that protecting terrorists, regardless of how close they might be to "relatives" or "brothers" or any other alliance, will only serve to destroy those who harbor the evil of extremism.  

Extremists are never satisfied, because no human on earth  can be as "extreme" on any given issue as a chaotic "extremist" believes we should be. Tolerance should trump extremism on every issue including religion and politics. Perhaps Pakistan has finally seen how protecting extremists and terrorists is dangerous for everone.

The Washington Post reports:

Pakistani forces kill alleged organizer of school massacre
 December 26 at 2:30 PM  
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Security forces on Friday killed an alleged organizer of last week’s school massacre, the latest sign that the government and military are stepping up their assault on the Pakistani Taliban and other Islamist militant groups.

The slaying of the Taliban commander, known as Saddam, comes as Pakistani leaders are vowing to forcefully respond to the attack on the school. With the country still mourning the deaths of 149 students and staff members, security forces­ are taking their battle deep into Pakistani cities while the country’s air force pounds militants’ havens along the border with Afghanistan.

Saying he plans “to wipe terror out of Pakistan,” Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif huddled with his cabinet much of Friday to oversee the implementation of a newly announced anti-terrorism policy. While Pakistan’s battle against Islamist militants appeared to sputter during much of the past decade, Sharif stressed in recent days that the current operations will define his term as prime minister.

Julie's comment - it's cliche to say "better late than never", but certainly this attitude voiced by Nawaz Sharif is long-long overdue.

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