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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Russian President Putin like a lost tourist with useless rubles

"Vladimir Putin first to leave G20 summit, pleading lack of sleep
Russian president says the atmosphere was constructive and media reports of conflict with Western leaders were exaggerated." 

The Guardian - Putin had to feel the big chill. Based on limited experience in Asia during travels a few years ago, the Russians then weren't the most popular tourists. Now, with the airliner MH17 tragedy and the Ukraine illegal invasion, the Russian president is the face of unpopularity.  Economic sanctions notwithstanding, Putin must've felt like he was at risk for infectious disease because his meeting with the world leaders was covered by negativity.

A tired Vladimir Putin has left Brisbane’s G20 praising the summit’s “constructive atmosphere” and saying the reported fallout between him and leaders of Western countries were exaggerated by the media.

Putin was the first world leader to leave Australia, his jet taking off shortly after 2pm local time.

The Russian president told reporters from his own country he was the first to go because he had to get back to Moscow to work, and he needed “four or five hours sleep”. (LOL!)

But Putin remained defiant over Russian interests in Ukraine, saying Kiev’s economic blockade of the separatist east was “a big mistake”, though “not fatal”.

“I don’t understand why Kiev authorities are cutting off those territories with their own hands. Well one can understand – to save money. But it’s not the time or the case to save money on,” he said.

Western leaders have queued up at G20 to condemn Russia’s actions in Ukraine, in particular supporting and arming separatist rebels, and for Russia’s perceived complicity in the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

In his closing remarks, the Australian prime minister, Tony Abbott, told reporters he had had “a very candid and robust discussion” with Putin at Apec in Beijing, and that he suspected several leaders had had similar talks with the Russian leader at the G20.

“I have some differences with the Russian government, obviously,” Abbott said. “I don’t agree, in fact I utterly deplore, what’s happening in eastern Ukraine. I demand Russia fully cooperates with the criminal investigation into the downing of MH17.”

Putin heard, in ear screeching stereo, from the world leaders. "We don't like you." 

So, like a spoiled child who can't be the team's quarterback, he took his worthless Russian rubles with him and simply went home.

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