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Saturday, November 08, 2014

Pro-life but anti everything else

Incredibly, two-thirds of American voters stayed home during the 2014 mid term election. This high percentage of "voter-no- comments" followed spending $4 billion by candidates and political action committees to convince voters how to be anti everything on the issues list except for "life".  In other words, pro-life to these voters means they fervently believe that conception is the beginning of life, but everything affiliated with quality of life after that doesn't seem to matter. 

Cliff notes go something like this: Pro-life voters were largely motivated to vote because they were anti a lot of other issues. Meanwhile, the anti issues were related to life, but apparently none reached the tipping point for protecting life after it has been created.

Anti issues supported by pro-life voters seem to include:

1.  Global warming: This threat to planet life as we know it is denied by many pro-life voters.
2.   Creation of the universe: Pro-life voters often fall victim to the anti-science of Creationism, rather than the theory of evolution.  Many are anti evolution, even thought there is absolutely no scientific evidence for Creationism.
3.  Immigration: Pro-life voters are obsessed about being anti immigration, even for children who are fleeing assassination cultures in Mexico and Central America. Moreover, pro-life voters are anti-immigration reform in spite of their own ancestors being immigrants.  
4. Women's health:  Pro-life voters do not  support providing women access to health care that has improved the quality and longevity of female life expectancy.  Pro-life voters suffer from short term memory loss when they don't remember how less than 60 years ago women often died in childbirth because of poor pre-natal care. Worse, many poor women died from septic infections post botched illegal abortions, because they didn't have access to birth control.
5.  Voters rights:  Pro-life voters believe widespread voter fraud is going on all around America. They're obsessed with this issue so much so that they believe elections are rigged, and people are receiving Medicaid or other benefits under health care reform (aka "Obamacare") without deserving them.  

There are other "anti" issues on the pro-life list, but the above seem to capture the hypocritical point of this blog.  Pro-life advocates don't seem to care about supporting quality  of life after conception.

But, pro-life voters somehow avoid explaining this inverse correlation. Nevertheless, the pro-life voters were among the cohort who went to the polls and voted in the 2014 mid term elections. Those who believe in supporting quality of life issues and the research provided by modern science, apparently, stayed home.


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