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Monday, November 10, 2014

MH17 airline disaster created more innocent victims of international conflict

An excellent webpage is dedicated to the stories and memorials about the Malaysian airline disaster MH17 on BBCNews.
When passengers checked in on the Malaysian MH17 airliner in Amerstdam, they sadly became the unsuspecting victims of a military dispute between the Ukraine and Russia. Now, Russia won't accept any of the blame for the disaster while the cause of the horribe deadly missle attack on the civilian airliner is unknown.

Regardless of how the attack happened or who was fundamentally responsible, the facts are indisputable:

1.  All passengers and the crew of MH17 were innocent victims of the military power struggle between Russia and the Ukraine.

2.  In not accepting blame for the attack, Russia's President Putin is protecting himself and his irresponsible military from paying reparations to Amsterdam, to Malaysia (owner of the airliner) and to the families of victims.

Remembering the MH17 air disaster with memorials and related news stories are essential to keeping the investigation about the root cause of the attack open, until an agreement about reparations are determined. Meanwhile, with the Russian ruble (RUB) now equivilant to junk currency, it's sadly difficult to foresee a time when the families or the nations victimized will see reparations.  

Of course, the international repudiation of the air attack on a civilian aircraft without cause will continue to linger, regardless of how long it takes for Russia to assume responsibility for this air disaster.

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