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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Huge climate change agreement acknowledges the science is real

Anti-science Republicans are climate change deniers. Indeed, many act like card carrying members of a flat earth society. One has to wonder if these same anti science politicians would regress into pre-Christopher Columbus geography, without the real time imagry provided by satellites and human astraunauts that viewed the earth's spherical shape.

Now, a breakthrough has finally been made into climate change science. Today, November12, China joined the United States in a joint announcement to support reducing carbon emissions. Regardless what politicians believe or don't accept about climate change, the agreement between the US and China clearly acknowledges the reality of carbon emissions' destructive impact on the earth's changing environment.

Nevertheless, Republican leaders, with Sen. Mitch McConnell, are already denouncing the progressive environmental agreement between the earth's two largest contributors to carbon emissions, being China and the US. 

Of course, this quick Republican undermining of the agreement demonstrates, once again, the backward and anti-science beliefs of regressive Republicans. It's unbelievable, but as geologists and environmental scientists provide evidence about the destruction being inflicted on humans and the environment by carbon emissions, the less Republicans are willing to accept the reality.  

China has much to gain by reducing carbon emmissions because the choking smog engulfing the nation's cities, caused by coal burning energy, is hurting workers' health and productivity.  

The US will see more investment in alternative energy as a result of today's agreement with China.  

Of course, pitfalls exist, as with any international agreement.
Nevertheless, when the US and China agree to jointly reduce carbon emissions, it means the agreement points clearly to the fact that the science of climate change is real, regardless of how Republicans try to reinvent this reality.

Washington Post reports:
GOP congressional leaders denounce U.S.-China deal on climate change
  November 12

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) sharply criticized the announcement of a new climate deal between the United States and China.

McConnell made comments during a morning coffee with 10 newly elected Republican senators in his office off the Senate floor. As his new colleagues stood beaming, McConnell was asked by reporters whether he planned to shift the Senate to the political middle in hopes of reaching accord with President Obama and Democrats.

McConnell said, “I was particularly distressed by the deal he’s reached with the Chinese on his current trip, which, as I read the agreement, it requires the Chinese to do nothing at all for 16 years, while these carbon emission regulations are creating havoc in my state and other states across the country.”

Of course, McConnell could show leadership by applauding Preisdent Obama's progress, acknowedging the impact of carbon emmissions on climate change. In fact, seeking alternatives to fossil fuels, which are the cause of carbon emissions, will stimulate the economy by creating research in the investment for wind, solar and hydro energy technologies.   

Meanwhile, regardless of how Republicans feel about carbon emmissions, fossil fuels or climate change, the fact is China and the US have agreed to reduce carbon emissions - timing of the agreement notwithstanding. Unequivocally, this means that climate change is real. Anti-science Republicans must wake up and realize how future generations will perceive their regressive energy policies. Unless Republicans change their anti-science policies, they will be perceived as left overs from the flat earth society.

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