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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Americans vote the most expensive mid term in political history

American midtem 2014 should've probably followed the trajectory of the past "in between" presidential year elections. In other words, mid-terms are usually low turnout, with the challenging political party motivated to vote.

Except, in 2014 the election was drowned in an obsence amount of money. By some reports, at least $4 billion was flooded into this mid term election  That's $4 billion with a  "B".

This indefensible about of money should've produced a shining hero for the Republicans who are obsessed with pushing back on President Obama's leadership. Although Republicans are frothing at the possibility of finally achieving a majority status in both houses of the US Congress, the fact is, every seat was an expensive win achieved by the conservative political party touting auserity. This is a hypocritical victory. Republicans won't fund Medicaid, or the American Jobs Act to rebuild our nation's transportation infrastructure. Nevertheless, the Grand Old Party will take all the money necessary to achieve two years of majority status in both Congressional houses.

Two years of majority leadeship for $4 billion dollars.

It's hard to believe Americans will continue to accept such outragiously expensive elections. 

Moreover, although Republicans can likely tout a few victories in this mid-term election, the cost of these measley victories is obscene.

No political mandate can be predicted from this high cost 2014 mid term election.  Rather, Americans have seen how money in politics hasn't provided value. Rather, it shows how greed fuels an insatiable need for power. Americans must pass a Constitutional Amendment to demand for accountability for how money influences elections. Such an amendment could be simply stated:

"American elections support the right of one vote for every citizen who is qualified to cast a ballot in duly authorized democratic processes.  Money to fund elections must be obtained from registered voters who are indepedent from corporations."



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