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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Americans will not tolerate any beheading of a US serviceman

Americans should never be in a position where we witness a US service person beheaded by evil ISIS barbaric fiends. When news leaks that Americans have "boots on the ground", this information will spark unprecedented bribes by evil ISIS to obtain any US military person as a captive, to create a ransom power threat against the USA and Great Britain. American must never put our military in this uncompromising situation, especially when our nation's national security isn't at imminent risk of an invasion or direct attack.

In past blogs, I've advocated for military action against Syrian president Bashir al-Assad and his Russian backed dictatorship. Of course, my advocacy call to defend and protect the oppressed Syrian refugees from continuous death by Assad, doesn't consider the risk of American military being beheaded, if some of them are captured defending the refugees. In the past, in Dessert Storm, or the Gulf War and in operation Iraqi Freedom, there've been American military captured. Often these past incidents resulted in a heroic rescue. Without a doubt, any potential ISIS capture of an American or English military person would raise the horror of a prisoner of war to a horribly heinous plateau.

Therefore, it seems to me that putting American military boots on the ground in the war to defeat ISIS is not advisable.

Rather than see any US or British military person put at risk for the chilling risk of beheadings, it makes more sense to pay for reliable intelligence so the ISIS fiends can be eradicated and evaporated by drones. Likewise, regional Arab troops must be inspired to protect their own nations from being corrupted by ISIS evil, because as this extremist group grows, the result is even more death to all who find themselves victims in their dark circles of barbarism.

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