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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Al Qaeda in India for an overtly terrorism reason

There's a horrific logic behind why Al Qaeda wants to be in India. It's called nulear power.

Al Qaeda can use money to buy influence, so the terrorism network should be able to access those who control India's nuclear power industry. God forbid, when and if that happens, the entire world will be at an even higher risk for nuclear terrorism than exists today.  Forget about shooting innocent people out of the sky when they're flying on passenger airplanes......Al Qaeda wants to deliver a terrorism threat to affirm it's power over all nations.  

Of course, my theory is hypothetical. Nevertheless, my hypothesis is this:  Al Qaeda wants to annihilate human beings who somehow don't fit the terrorist group's ill defined vision of being Muslim. That means destroying Western cultural and democratic influence. Al Qaeda has no access to drone technology. Nonetheless, it only takes one horrific nuclear incident and Al Qaeda will have
achieved its heinous goal of creating a terrorism world order.  

The Christian Science Monitor Reports:

Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of Al Qaeda, has had a rough few years. His old boss and friend Osama bin Laden was killed by US forces in a May 2011 raid in Pakistan. Zawahiri, who is also presumed to be in Pakistan, hoped that the Arab uprisings that started that spring would somehow bring him and the group he now leads back to relevance in the heart of the Islamic world.

But while ideologically similar jihad groups have fed on the chaos of the past few years, particularly amid Syria's horrific civil war, the upheaval hasn't exactly benefited Zawahari's dwindling force in core Al Qaeda. The self-declared Islamic State (ISIS) has clearly challenged Al Qaeda in seeking to take up the mantle of leadership of what these men imagine is a global jihad. This summer, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared himself the caliph of the world's Muslims. He has an army, territorial reach, and financial resources behind him that Al Qaeda, even in its heyday, could not have imagined.

Yesterday, Zawahiri struck back. Sort of. In his first audiotape for a year, the Al Qaeda leader declared a new affiliate, "Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent." That group's leader, identified as Essam Omar, says on the tape that the "apostates of India" – he identifies them as Jews and Hindus – will be destroyed and promised that jihadis will "storm your barricades with cars packed with gunpowder."

Here's my theory:

India has nuclear power. There are plenty of Muslims living in India. Therefore, the hypothesis is to create a network of Al Qaeda sympathizers who can recruit just one nuclear power insider who will provide access to atomic technology.  

My hypothesis is certainly  grounded in the here and the now. In other words, it makes sense.  

While I'm at it, there's also a tangential theory floating in my cloud of ideas. Sadly, if my theory holds (because Al Qaeda is obsessed with destruction, whatever the cost to mankind) then, the motivation needs a delivery system to achieve the intended evil.

It makes no sense to have access to the dangers of nuclear technology without a methodology for delivering the gruesomely designed terror.

How would Al Qaeda deliver a nuclear terror threat? The group has no access to missiles, unless the Russians give them a few, which is hardly likely. Consequently, Al Qaeda must steal a delivery system.

How would Al Qaeda steal a delivery system to deliver nuclear terror? Okay, here's my tangential theory. MH370.

Can anyone disprove my hypotheses?

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