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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

President Obama to tell nation about an anti evil ISIS strategy

Evil anti-ISIS strategy should include two points. First, is to eliminate this evil group from the face of the earth using whatever it takes to accomplish this goal. Second, send a coalition into Iraq to develop a credible government to prevent the development of any future ISIS backlash.

It makes no sense to allow ISIS to continue, because for unbelievably nefarious reasons, the movement of evildoers is recruiting like minded hate fighters. This hateful recruitment must end and the barbaric ISIS movement must be eradicated before more innocent people are executed and this ideological plague infects peaceful governments.

Although evil movements are, unfortunately, going on in many places throughout the world (USA right wing anti-government zealots might qualify), the horrendously overt evil actions of ISIS sets this particular group apart from any other humankind. In fact, their barbarism even separates them from other evil doers. 

I suspect, when archaeologists exhume ISIS victims and perpetrators in research digs, centuries from today, the zealots will be identified as being a humanoid aberration. There's no way ISIS can pass the human being test, ie, a humanoid animal group that can cognitively develop intellectual reason. People who intellectually reason don't control by perpetrating totally banal evil.
ISIS ideology will ultimately implode under the weight of evil.

Nevertheless, until this ideological implosion occurs, the world must take action to accelerate the process of ISIS elimination.

Although President Obama will tell the US and the world about a strategy to eliminate ISIS, the fact is, talking alone will only fuel this group's evil.  Actions against ISIS must be decisive and set a tone for the world to hear, loud and clear. ISIS must be eradicated.

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