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Saturday, September 06, 2014

Enemy of my enemy - evil ISIS names Vladimir Putin in the same way the heinous Islamic group has focused on President Obama

Obviously, the evil ISIS terrorist group is fighting the entire world. Vladimir Putin and President Obama are now named among the heinous  Islamic group's enemies. 

ISIS is a barbaric Islamic state. The group's evil intentions seem boundless. They find their enemies everywhere. Therefore, it makes sense for the barbaric leaders to name the presidents of Russia and the USA in their nefarious plans for taking over the world and killing all of us who are not among them.

Of course, naming President Vladimir Putin on an enemy's list is an ISIS recruitment scheme. ISIS must fuel it's evil intentions with fighters and there are plenty of them, without jobs, in Russia. 

Plenty of Putin's enemies within his country would relish the opportunity to turn violent against their bully leader who is oppressive towards Muslims. Moreover, Russia is an easier target for ISIS, because access to the international borders are manageable given the clandestine operations in place for ISIS operatives to move throughout the Middle East and into Russia. 

By recruiting anti Putin fighters, ISIS could possibly even benefit from a value added intelligence about Russian military tactics, pending the skill set among those who are recruited. 

Nevertheless, I can imagine President Putin sneering at the ISIS threat to "dethrone" him. Given President Putin's unbridled ego, he's likely fueled by the evil ISIS intentions, because their threats give credibility to ambitious invasive moves to protect Russia from outside threats, especially by terrorists, but not exclusive of them.

The Washington Post is reporting on this geopolitical "wrinkle".

Earlier this week, the Islamic State issued a video challenging a powerful global leader. But this time, it was not President Obama or one of his counterparts in Europe. It was Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In the video, fighters pose atop Russian military equipment, including a fighter jet, captured from the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. This is Agence France-Presse's transcription of what follows:

"This is a message to you, oh Vladimir Putin, these are the jets that you have sent to Bashar, we will send them to you, God willing, remember that," said one fighter in Arabic, according to Russian-language captions provided in the video.

"And we will liberate Chechnya and the entire Caucasus, God willing," said the militant. "The Islamic State is and will be and it is expanding God willing."

"Your throne has already teetered, it is under threat and will fall when we come to you because Allah is truly on our side."

Well, the enemy of my enemy is a proverb defining how unlikely alliances are created. It's hard to imagine how ISIS can manage a hate war against two world leaders. Obviously, the expansion of the ISIS group's "enemies list" has certainly put President Putin and President Obama in exclusively dangerous company.

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