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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Syrian refugee crises is growing with mortality increasing but the Evil ISIS is consuming news

NPR - Weekend Edition anchor Scott Simon broadcast a radio essay this morning August 30th, succinctly explaining the horror in the Iraqi-Syria horrible upheaval. Simon reports that the evil Islamic State (aka "ISIS") terror threat is growing while 3 million displaced Syrians are living in a morbidity producing environment in refugee camps, because of their nation's humanitarian crisis caused by a brutal war. Syrian refugees aren't receiving enough humanitarian aid. As a result, they are dying by increasing numbers, especially children, as a result of their hopeless displacement. Meanwhile, the evil ISIS movement is producing social media videos showing mass executions while innocent Syrians are hardly mentioned on international media. This Syrian degradation of the human condition is being totally ignored by the world while the Islamic terror state recruits terrorists from all over the world, including from Great Britain and the United States! These two international crises are contributing to an unbelievable upside down world order.  

It makes no sense for men (and who knows, maybe some women OMG! but I hope not) to leave their national origin to join a group of terror nomads. These ISIS fiends are obsessed with creating mayhem, regardless of the consequences to innocent people.

Unfortunately, President Obama gave a less than convincing response to the growing ISIS terror threats during his recent press briefing at the White House. Many are critical of the President's low key statements in response to the ISIS terror, as well as a few who made irresponsibly demeaning comments about the color of his jacket and tie. Nevertheless, none of the self appointed pundits, including Congressman Peter King of New York, can offer an alternative about what to do to oppose threats facing free people in the Middle East including Syria, Iraq and let's include the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, too.

Obviously, there are no strategic responses to terror without risk. Yet, there are opportunities for the world media to emphasize the terror of living in a Syrian refugee camp. Moreover, nations must block the recruitment of ISIS terrorists by restricting travel for anyone who cannot demonstrate a viable reason for travel to the Middle East.

As the evil ISIS network continues to terrorize the Iraqi people, the refugees in Syria are dying while President Assad assaults his own people with unrelenting oppression.

Each day brings more desperation to the world order. Cable news cycles are consumed with polarized pundits, providing advice about how to fight ISIS, like the evil network is an opposing football team, rather than a hate filled terror movement.

In the vacuum of a strategic response to the denigrating world order, including the humanitarian crisis in Syria, the world is literally postponing the inevitable. It's only a matter of time until the ISIS recruits from the US and Great Britain wind up doing harm in our own neighborhoods. It's time for Americans to join Great Britain in support a strategic response to the dangerously changing international world order.

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