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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Putin takes on MacDonald's hamburgers but where's the Kraft Super Bowl ring?

Rather than build Russia's disastrous fiscal outlook, the egotist Vladimir Putin has decided, instead, to take his "tit for tat" economic sanctions campaign to the Moscow McDonald's Restaurant.  

Putin's tantrum and "whining" campaigns closed the doors on the restaurant because of sanitary issues, reports The Guardian

Rather than engage in a petty act of desperation, Putin's government, instead, should have insisted that Putin return Robert Kraft's Super Bowl Ring. Now, that would've been a statement with substance!  

Unfortunately, Putin appears to be obsessed with keeping the coveted Super Bowl ring (he "forgot" to return), but hamburgers, apparently, are not his particular dietary favorite.

It's hard to imagine how many Russian restaurants could pass a McDonald's level inspection. 

Nevertheless, Putin's government only hurts the nation's spiraling unemployment rate by closing a restaurant, regardless of how the sanitary regulations were violated. 

Moreover, it's customary for restaurants to receive notice of sanitary violations prior to a shut down. 

Obviously, there's no evidence of this customary protocol notice for the Moscow McDonald's, but I doubt any other eating establishments in Russia's capital city would be given the same abrupt treatment. Clearly, McDonald's didn't produce enough "bribe" money to protect the establishment from closure.

Putin and his ambitious expansion into the Ukraine has caused his nation economic harm, caused by the US led sanctions to help protect further encroachments into Eastern Europe. 

Rather than fix the problem, by pulling back on Ukraine ambitions, Putin has made a strategic decision to close down the Moscow McDonald's Restaurant. This absurdly immature response hurts hard working people who earn a salary by working at the restaurant and others who, likely, might find it to be a convenient place to eat. 

The Guardian reports:
Russia has shut down four McDonald's restaurants in Moscow for alleged sanitary violations in a move critics said was the latest blow in its tit-for-tat sanctions tussle with the west.

The federal monitoring service for consumer rights and well being announced on Wednesday that the offending outlets included the famous restaurant on Pushkin Square that opened just before the fall of the Soviet Union. The body said the eateries were being shut down for "sanitary violations" discovered during inspections this week.

Of course, when One Russian ruble = $0.28 cents; at this rate of exchange, it's hard to understand how ordinary Russians can afford a Whopper.

The Russian "well being" agency has a history of banning food from countries out of favour with Moscow, and the move will almost certainly be taken as a political statement in the sanctions war. It has previously banned wine from Georgia and dairy products from Belarus after those two countries began to improve relations with the west. This summer, it has banned canned vegetables, fruit, fish, juice and certain beer and vodka from Ukraine.

Earlier in August, President Putin ordered an embargo on meat, poultry, fish, dairy and produce from the United States, Canada, Australia, Norway and the European Union in response to those countries' economic sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine crisis.

I challenge President Vladimir Putin to return Robert Kraft's Super Bowl Ring to demonstrate his misplaced outrage toward western and US led economic sanctions!

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