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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

James Foley a modern martyr to raise the reality of ISIS evil in the world

The evil perpetrated by the tragically brutal slaying of journalist James Foley is a horrible way to remind Americans about what's at stake if the ISIS terror in the Middle East continues.  It must be stopped and eradicated.

Foley's death is close to home for New Englanders, where his home and family in Rochester New Hampshire are close to the border with Southern Maine. Moreover, because Foley's family lives near many news media centers, the story of his slaying gets maximum news attention.  

Although the ISIS statement, demanded at the execution, is one of retribution against American intervention in the Iraq and the Middle East, the slaying of the journalist should, instead, affirm US resolve to destroy the heinous ISIS force of evil. 

Possibly, if ISIS can be destroyed, the eradication of this terror group could, potentially, bring a slim legacy of hope to the dozens of others held captive by the evil doers among them. In a tragic way, Foley's martyrdom could focus energy on the eradication of this black mark on history. 

Foley's murder is a sign that ISIS (Muslim nation) is stressed by American intervention in their progress toward creating a "black Muslim nation" in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, the tragedy of the modern martyr is also a brutal reminder of how it is that the world is confronted with the horror of ISIS. This disgusting group of evil perpetrators is an outgrowth of social upheaval in Iraq, resulting from the failed leadership of Al Maliki. Worse, Al Maliki's failure is the result of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, under the false premise of finding weapons of mass destruction (WMD), which never existed.  

Nevertheless, transgressing beyond past wrongdoings, the ISIS evil begets more evil.  Indeed, ISIS must be annihilated, in the same way Nazism was destroyed in Hitler's Germany and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia was eventually destroyed.

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