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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Iraqi government is useless the Middle East is deteriorating at every turn

When George Bush 43 launched his illegal American led invasion of Iraq, he sincerely believed his order for the assault was in response to a higher calling. President Bush believed he was destined to eliminate a cruel President Saddam Hussein from his tyrannical control over his Iraqi nation. So, Saddam Hussein was eliminated, but the dictator's "weapons of mass destruction" did not exist. America invaded a sovereign nation without cause and killed the leader Saddam Hussein, labeled as evil, because we said so. 

Oh, and by the way, Americans also protected the Iraqi oil fields from being destroyed and burned down.

Now, in the absence of weapons of mass destruction, the real evil in Iraq has erupted in the presence of a group named ISIS (whatever that means). What I know of ISIS is that it's a dark euphemism for unbelievable evil, perpetrated on innocent people who are not them. In other words, ISIS is taking over anything and everything in their relentless path towards annihilation of whatever they want to destroy. ISIS is the weapon of mass destruction George Bush never found, only more unbelievably destructive and evil. These ISIS evildoers take no prisoners. Rather, they kill indiscriminately.

Evil is consuming the Middle East as I write this blog, while the Iraqi government cowers in the American taxpayer paid for "Green Zone", inside the nation's capital of Baghdad.

What all this evil and accompanying destruction boils down to is that the US invasion of Iraq, where thousands were killed and tens of thousands of civilians were slaughtered, was a  colossal failure. Moreover, the war was a total waste of human lives and obscene waste of tax payer money, ie, like 2 trillion dollars of waste. 

Meanwhile, the American government has been unable to claim any victory whatsoever in Iraq, except for the day when Saddam Hussein was toppled during a symbolic gesture of tearing down his statue.  

Tonight, August 8th, President Obama announced the launching of American military air attacks to defend our nation's interests against an implosion of the Iraqi government. Also, we want to help protect an innocent and ancient religious cult, who are being slaughtered by ISIS. 

In other words, America is at war again in Iraq. This carnage will not end until a coalition of Middle East leaders determine how to live in peace. It's a huge challenge because ISIS is just like the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and the Nazis in Germany. They must be eradicated, once and for all.  Unfortunately, as Americans enter these heinous conflicts, the local people sit back and watch the outcomes. Therefore, at some point, Americans must either eradicate our enemies or leave them to their own destruction. In other words, "fish or cut bait".  

After too many years engaged in a failed Iraqi War, it's time for Americans to figure out what it is we want to do. Sadly, I submit we just don't have an answer.  

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