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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Airplanes shot out of the sky innocent victims must receive compassion

Although the heinous shoot down of Malaysian airlines flight MH17 over the eastern Ukraine was totally preventable, with nearly 300 innocent people blown out of the sky, this unfortunate tragedy isn't an isolated incident.  It seems like all airplanes are at risk for unforeseen catastrophes.

Nevertheless, the cause of the MH17 aggression caused an extraordinary reaction against how Russia horribly responded to this unfathomable killing of innocents.  

World wide condolences are flowing to the families of the victims of the MH17, most of them from the Netherlands. 

Nevertheless, the Russians don't "get" what their nation should've done to respond.  

Unbelievably, Russian leadership hasn't shown the compassion they should've demonstrated, regardless of the circumstances of the assault on the innocent passenger airplane.

This attack is a war crime. Shooting MH17 out of the sky with hundreds of innocent lives lost, because the airplane happened to be flying at 33,000 feet, over a war zone, is a war crime.  

Russia will pay reparations for this crime. 

President Putin has pushed the world to an unusual tipping point, not entirely because the airplane MH17 was shot down, presumably by a Russian heat seeking missile. That's heinous enough.

MH17 was a preventable shoot down, but the world could rationalize the incident as the airliner being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  

No, it's not the incident that's caused international outrage.  

Rather, it's the total lack of compassion by Russian President Putin and his right wing finger pointing that's caused world outrage.

Very sadly, the preventable shooting down of MH17 has shown Russian President Putin to be an egotistical dictator. He showed no compassion toward the victims of the MH17 airline disaster.  

Now, it appears President Putin is planting conspiracy theories about how the MH17 tragedy might have happened and the motivation behind the attack on the airplane. Unbelievable, there are are people who are quick to believe any conspiracy theory for any of a litany of issues. Nothing will dissuade the conspiracies.

Compassion, however, can't be projected to a conspiracy theory.

Wouldn't it be amazing if Russian President Putin's leadership was taken down because he grossly mis-manged the MH17 response, by demonstrating a lack of compassion? 

Perhaps the tipping point Russia has pushed upon the world won't become a "quid pro quo" or an "eye for an eye".

Instead, the world might've finally reached a tipping point with President Putin because he had virtually no compassion for innocent people.

If lack of compassion brings down President Putin, then the lives lost on MH17 may not have been entirely lost in vain.

Sadly, their deaths might....(might)...have changed the world.



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