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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

World is a mega crises but Boehner & do nothing Congress wastes money and time with frivolous Obama lawsuit

Today's world news is worse than reading a doomsday novel because what's happening is unbelievably morose.

Women are being raped in Africa, Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria continue to engage in kidnapping women and young boys to enslave them for nefarious purposes. In the Ukraine, Russia is leveraging a full fledged war against an elected government in Kiev; in the Middle East, the Israeli and Palestinian violence is unsolvable. Syria continues to be a humanitarian crises with refugees, ravaging of Christian religious sites and ongoing fighting. 

Meanwhile, western nations agreed to support devastating economic sanctions against Russia because of Putin's aggression in the Ukraine. This allied economic action obviously precipitated an acceleration of US-Russian animosities.

Nevertheless, in the face of what's clearly a build up of world evil, the United States Congress under Speaker John Boehner's failed leadership voted to launch a frivolous lawsuit against President Obama. Rather than stand up and support Pope Francis in Rome, who pleaded with the world to stop the violence impacting millions of innocent people, the Speaker of the House of Representatives decided it was more important to waste taxpayer money to launch a lawsuit against President Obama. This ridiculous lawsuit is a response to the President's executive action to implement a policy Americans don't understand regarding the affordable care act aka "Obamacare".

Rather than allow Speaker Boehner and his groupie Republican followers to launch a lawsuit against the President of the United States, the American people should demand, instead, a counter lawsuit. Americans should demand Speaker Boehner to refund Americans all of his salary for the past two years, since he led obstructionist efforts in the Congress.  

Can the President of the United States launch a lawsuit against Congress for doing nothing?

Congress is supposed to support the interests of the American people by investing in progressive policies.  Sadly, the Boehner led Republican Congress is wasting money on a frivolous lawsuit and getting paid by taxpayers to do nothing.

Perhaps Americans can sign on to a counter lawsuit against Speaker Boehner for fraudulently collecting a salary without n working to earn his paycheck.  Speaker Boehner could well be the highest paid welfare recipient in America.

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