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Friday, July 04, 2014

Contraception was once only a women issue with religion but now Supreme Court has a male bias

When Pope Paul VI issued his landmark Humanae Vitae, the cry from women and couples in general was for the Roman Catholic Church to stay out of their bedrooms.

Although intellectuals and philosophers gave Pope Paul VI fairly high marks on his eloquent logic, the fact is, women ignored his message. Today, women's use of artificial birth control is a routine part of their health assessment. In fact, receiving prescriptions for artificial birth control brings women to their physicians on a regular basis, thereby preventing the spread of cancers and treatable gynecological anomalies.

Now, the Christian churches have taken away a woman's right to her own free will about whether of not to use birth control. They've gone to the courts to get their way.

Instead, some churches have taken their bias against the use of birth control to a male dominated and conservative Supreme Court, where the justices, rather than the church, are "entering bedrooms".

Women who wouldn't tolerate churches entering their bedrooms should be outraged by male justices on the U.S. Supreme Court who are now supporting rulings to, essentially, take the place of religious decrees. Religious decrees like Humanae Vitae were ignored,while the U.S. Surpeme Court got the full attention of the law.

American women must pay attention to who on the court is supporting rulings restricting women's access to birth control and reproductive health care.  Only the men are supporting these biased rulings.  In fact, Justice Sotomayor issued a lengthy rebuttal to the male only bias against the inclusion of birth control in health care plans supported by Obamacare.  The conservative and male majority of the U.S. Supreme Court told an evangelical college on Friday (Wheaton) that it does not have to abide by an Affordable Care Act contraception requirement if it has a religious reason not to provide birth control to students and staff. But, this provision was always available to Wheaton College. In fact, the anti women ruling by the males on the U.S. Supreme Court is more of a back door legal way of dismantling Obamacare, than it is about birth control. In fact, if women are dissuaded from supporting Obamacare, because there'll be less coverage for contraception, the chances of its repeal increase. These expensive law suits against Obamacrare are disingenuous, because they're political, rather than religious, with a right wing veneer.

Yet, conservative, right wing and Republican hypocrites are adding birth control to their beliefs that, somehow, religion has a right to take away a woman's free will. They are asking Supreme Court justices, rather than clerics, to determine whether or not women can access artificial birth control.

Sooner or later, as with women's suffrage, the voter will prevail. Women voters must un-elect right wing conservative lawmakers; let's put them out of office! In so doing, women can elect a Presidential administration who will appoint women justices to the US Supreme Court, where they will become the majority.  

Meanwhile, women can put the right wing Wheaton College and the conservative Hobby Lobby out of business. In fact, Wheaton College and Hobby Lobby, apparently, have enough money to waste discriminating against women's health. The money spent on taking law suits to the U.S. Supreme Court would fund many minority women's health programs. Money wasted to defeat an issue as important as contraception can't be rewarded. Instead, it must be disdained. Let's put both Wheaton College and Hobby Lobby out of business. Now.

Compassion for people must be reintroduced into our US Supreme Court. Somehow, people must become more important than institutions, businesses and corporation.

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