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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Maine's Second District - State Senator Emily Cain for Congress

State Senator Emily Cain is engaged in an important race for US Congress - but the good news is, she's running for office in a district where people get to know their candidates. She lives in Maine's Second District where she's represented her constituents in Penobscot County in the Maine legislature for several years. She's become knows as a neighbor who's willing to fight for her constituents.

Congressman Mike Michaud- D, made the decision to run for Maine governor in 2014, rather than run for re-election to Congress. In so doing, Michaud opened an opportunity for Emily Cain to be Maine's the next Congresswoman. 

Of course, Cain must defeat T-Party right wing Republican candidate Bruce Poliquin in the November election. 

Batten down the hatches - the negative campaigning will begin at any time. 

Fortunately, Emily Cain is quickly building on her favorable ratings among people who know her as a friendly, intelligent, capable legislator and good neighbor to her friends in Orono. 

At a meet and greet reception hosted by the American Nurses Association of Maine, Cain visited with guests of the event for over 2 hours, answering questions and posing for photographs.

Most important, Cain explained her position on protecting access to women's health, saving Social Security, and Medicare and support for quality education being available to all.

To help win the 2nd District Maine Congressional seat, State Senator Cain will be engaged in as many face to face meetings as possible, especially in neighborhoods where Franco-American voters live, in Androscoggin County.

Maine's Second District is a large land area with a low population density. Consequently, it doesn't take huge numbers of voters to make a difference in election outcomes.  

As a result, it's vitally important for all of Maine's Second District Democratic votes to support State Senator Emily Cain, by planning to support her in the November 2014 election.

Cain's election to Congress will minimize the impact of the T-Party's uncompromising control in public policy.

Maine's Second District election will be heavily financed by the national Republican Party but it's a place in the US where voters get to really know their candidates. With as much face to face meetings as possible, State Senator Emily Cain will win her election to Congress and set back right wing T-Party efforts to control the US Congress. Let's make it happen!

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