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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Americans built an anti immigration wall but it might as well be a magnet for people seeking freedom

It's possible people have nearly forgotten the era of The Berlin Wall, when Germany was divided between east and west. A cement barricade created a seemingly insurmountable obstacle to prevent people in east Germany from escaping to the west.  Of course, The Berlin Wall became an iconic attraction and raised the ambition of many east Germans to escape the tyranny of communism.  In other words, The Berlin Wall was a failure.

Berlin Wall

Likewise, the anti-immigration wall constructed with American tax money to prevent Hispanic immigration into the United States is a similar failure. 

When will governments learn the lesson, that walls don't work? They only raise the bar higher to challenge those who want to climb over the structures, regardless of how well armed they are or high they are built. Just consider The Great Wall of China as a magnificent example.

Therefore, as Americans face the conundrum of what to do about thousands of undocumented immigrants pouring into the Southwest to escape the tyranny of gangs and executions, we must realize that the anti-immigration wall in Arizona is a colossal failure.

In fact, the anti immigration wall in Arizona is among the world's three failed walls. They are (a) The Great Wall of China (b) The Berlin Wall (c) the Arizona anti-immigration wall.

Rather than prevent people from entering the US, the wall has become irrelevant as thousands of people are simply crossing the border from Mexico. Unfortunately, many of those making the arduous journey are unaccompanied children. Families who allow their children to travel over dangerous terrain must be extremely desperate. There's no solution to this wave of undocumented immigration. It's impossible to turn all these people away. Mexico won't take care of them unless they happen to be Mexicans and many of them are from Central American countries.

Nevertheless, what's evident is the ridiculous anti-immigration wall. It's is a complete failure and a huge waste of tax payer money.  
Rather than deter undocumented immigrants, the wall has become a landmark on the US border and a destination marker for those seeking freedom in America.  

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