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Monday, June 30, 2014

Audacity of U.S. Supreme Court male justices to rule on a woman's issue

Let's put the Hobby Lobby corporation out of business and vote all Republicans who support conservative Supreme Court justices out of office!

Maybe it's time to put only women Supreme Court justices on the nation's highest court. Today's court ruling, to support right wing corporations that don't want to pay for women's birth control in Obamacare health insurance coverage, is a sexist decision. 

None of the women justices voted to support the majority rule about corporations that don't want to provide contraceptive coverage for their female employees. 

Male justices supported the 5-4 decision to support corporations, rather than women's right to contraceptive healthcare. Anybody who believes Republicans, when they deny their "war on women", must also believe in flying saucers. In fact, flying saucers are more credible than believing Republicans care, at all, about women and their health care.

Obviously, it's time to completely remove all Republicans from office because they are the party of extremism that appoints conservative Supreme Court justices to the high court. It's impossible to understand how male Supreme Court justices can possibly rule on an issue as sacred to women as our reproductive health and the right to use birth control.

Shame on the US Supreme Court for supporting a ruling on women's health  without one woman justice voting for the wrongly decided majority rule. Moreover, every male justice on the US Supreme Court has a mother....obviously, they each have a mother, and their a person, practiced birth control. Did you read this, Justice Alito....Roberts.....all the rest of you men??? Your mothers used contraception, natural or abstinence or artificial. They all used contraception and birth control.

Male justices, today, ruled to support a decision about contraception, in opposition to what your own mothers practiced in the privacy of their bedrooms.

As for me....forget about shopping at "Hobby Lobby", and the right wing corporations that supported the issue the court ruled on about paying for contraception. Let's insure that they go out of business. Meanwhile, it's urgent to vote all Republicans out of office, so Americans can have confident in a government that supports people over corporations, women's' health care over the religious preferences of their employees and the right of innocent people to be protected from gun violence. 



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