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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

President Obama Leadership - walk softly but carry a big stick said Sir Winston

President Obama:
“We have made clear to successive Libyan governments our intention to bring to justice the perpetrators of the attack on our facilities in Benghazi,” one official said. “So it should come as no surprise to the Libyan government that we would take advantage of an opportunity to bring Abu Khattala to face justice.”

While Chuck Todd on NBC reports poll numbers sinking for President Obama's leadership, I'm reminded of Sir Winston Churchill's quote about walking softly but using a big stick. 

How much bigger a "stick" can President Obama swing than taking on the challenge of ordering American special operations troops to exercise commando raids in sovereign countries, for the purpose of bringing terrorists to justice?  I can't thank of one.  

What the American people probably need to see are a line up of Nuremberg type of criminals, all of them tried, convicted and hung at the end of a rope.  

It's coming.

Warfare tactics and strategies are clearly clandistine in our age when terrorists blend with local populations. Men like Ahmed Abu Khattala, quickly stir up violence like tornadoes in the night.   Ahmed Abu Khattala is the ringleader of the September 11, 2012, mortally deadly Benghazi, Libya attacks on Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others in the American security detail. They all will eventually be caught and held accountable for their henious crimes, just like their nefarious colleague Osama Bin Laden.

The Washington Post reports:

Ahmed Abu Khattala had returned home Sunday night after a day of militia skirmishes in Benghazi when U.S. military commandos swarmed his residence south of the waterfront city and took him captive, quickly moving him out of Libya to a U.S. warship.

“He was isolated,” a U.S. official said. “It was pretty clean.”

One of the suspected ringleaders of the 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi that killed four Americans, Abu Khattala, is the first of the alleged perpetrators to be apprehended. He now awaits a transfer to the United States and a federal trial in the District.

U.S. officials said the joint Special Operations, & FBI mission was planned for months and approved by President Obama on Friday.

Republicans are wasting their time demanding for Khattala to be detained in the terrorist black hole in Guantanamo. 

Fortunately, however, President Obama is using another "big stick" leadership option by having this murderer tried in the light of justice in an American court.

It makes no sense for Republicans to pretend they know how to solve all the worlds' acute problems by just declaring something to be done, without thinking through the consequences of their reactionary ideas.  For one thing, keeping prisioners in Guantanamo is very expensive.  Secondly, keeping these murderer prisioners in Guantanamo creates even more incendiary emotions among their terrorist colleagues to enact revenge. Perhaps, it's even a badge of courage for terrorists to claim they were incarcerated in Guantanamo, at American tax payers expense. Obviously, it's in the best interest of National Security to bring these men to trial so the world can see who they are and what diabolical acts they've commited to be found guilty.  

Like the Nuremberg trials after the Nazi's were defeated in Europe, the al-Qaeda group of terrorists must be shown hanging by ropes so their colleagues know what's inevitably in the wings for each of them.  

Meanwhile, President Obama continues to walk softly but carry a burdensome "big stick". Sometimes, unfortunately, President Obama speaks defensively about his decisions. He shouldn't.  Instead, every time he faces a media interview where he's asked about his leadership poll numbers, he must repeat the outcomes of his decisions, rather than defend them.  

Perhaps, rather than a pretty White House scene in the background of these interviews, the President's public relations counsels should have a litany of terrorists mug shots in the shadows as evidence of the outcomes of his soft spoken but big stick successes.

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