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Friday, February 07, 2014

Multicultural and interracial television and advertising imagry

People who are brashly criticizing the Super Bowl Coca-Cola video ad for it's multi-lingual aspects, have certainly not paid attention to the changing face of America. We've moved beyond an immigrant nation. Indeed, we're now an amalgamation of many races.

Video link above.

Even more relevant to the point of the multiculturalism, evident in the ad, is the fact that Coca-Cola is an international product. From my experience, Coca-Cola is sold in practically every country in the world. Obviously, the company wants to acknowledge the international appeal of their very special drink.  

Likewise, another interracial advertisement is being promoted by General Mills. A sequel to the introduction mixed race video ad was shown at the Super Bowl, as well.  In the intro commercial, viewed before the Super Bowl, a Caucasian mother explains the health benefits of Cheerios to her beautiful young daughter, who is clearly a lovely mixed race child. As a result, the youngster runs to her father with a box of Cheerios, presumably to teach him how to stay healthy. Her father is a handsome black man.  In the Super Bowl ad, the beautiful young daughter is told how the family is expecting a baby brother.

These progressive commercials are never designed without an expensive investment in research. Obviously, both Coca-Cola and General Mills are on the cutting edge of market research demonstrating the value of breaking the mixed racial barriers to commercial advertising.

These commercials with mixed racial and multi-lingual imagery also creates international appeal for the products advertised. What's better than advertisements that draw attention beyond the promotion of particular products? Coca-Cola isn't just about a delicious drink; it's about helping people to get along, peace and understanding.

With General Mills, the health benefits of Cheerios are not so much the promotion, but the passion of the interracial young girl for her parents. "Cheerios bridges cultural love."

Salient advertising messaging notwithstanding, both the General Mills and the Coca-Cola multi-cultural and mixed racial commercials are a statement about the changing face of America. We're quickly eroding our majority of Caucasians national image. No amount of brashness will reverse this growing trend.

More important, we should be very proud of this amazing ability to transcend racial and lingual barriers to create a nation of strong multi-culturalism. This physiological blending creates a strengthening of our gene pool and will, eventually, build bridges with the many other multi-cultural nations of the world. Kudos to Coca-Cola and General Mills.  I'm one consumer who intends to support both these companies with renewed enthusiasm. 

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