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Monday, February 03, 2014

Governor Christie's Non Super Bowl in New Jersey

Well Super Bowl 48 is history with the lopsided surprise win, Seattle Seahawks as world champions. Where was Governor Christie when the Vince Lombardi trophy was awarded?  

This particular game was supposed to be a quasi coronation of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's leadership; he was ready to wear the Red White and Blue miter, to personify America the Beautiful and all but claim that he possibly invented Super Bowl Sunday, just for the American people. This could have been Christie's national party to prove he could lead America and run as the 2016 Republican presidential candidate. A Super Bowl in New Jersey was supposed to demonstrate these amazing character traits.

Unfortunately, for Governor Christie, he has lost his momentum regarding the national leadership he hoped to claim with a super bowl spectacle. 

No doubt, Christie must've had a series of publicity media interviews planned for both pre and post game hype.  

Instead, he's planning interviews with his lawyers to prepare for testimony before federal investigators, due to accusations of obstruction of justice, and political corruption or more.

Super Bowl Sunday turned out perfectly for the Seattle Seahawks. Not so much for Governor Christie. He didn't have such a good day. Indeed, the Super Bowl Christie envisioned, when the games were perfectly timed to coincide with his grand plans for a political debut, have, instead, focused on the winner and loser of the game, rather than on the governor's political momentum.

This Super Bowl 48 was a win for the Seattle Seahawks, a team representing a progressive US state where a $15 minimum wage will soon be state law (maybe it already is so).  

Maybe Governor Christie can visit Washington state to learn how football trophies are something like politics, because it takes a focused team effort to win. Governor Christie had an unfocused team when his staff caused a preventable traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge in September 2013, just to exert undue political leverage against the Mayor of Fort Lee.  Now, the Governor and his staff are very focused on staying out of jail.

It certainly turned out to be a non Super Bowl Sunday for Governor Chris Christie.  

For the Seattle Seahawks, it was a terrific Super Bowl 48 win. Congratulations.

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