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Sunday, December 15, 2013

North Korean Insanity

North Korea is in chaos. It doesn't take a political scientist with a doctorate degree to figure out how Kim Jong Un is unstable, to say the least. He murdered his uncle on apparently trumped up charges of treason, in a public display of unbridled power grabbing.

Obviously, anyone who tries to solve the chaotic behavior of Kim Jong Un will be murdered, just like the uncle.

CNN's Peter Shadbolt says, depending on how you read the signs, the execution of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's uncle and formerly trusted regent, Jang Song Thaek, either shows a young leader further cementing his control, or the first death throes of a regime teetering on collapse.

In the absence of any independently verifiable information, and in a regime where paranoid rhetoric is the normal register of almost all diplomatic language, any conjecture is likely to be as accurate as it is to be wide of the mark.

Nevertheless, far from asserting Kim's leadership, recent events suggest that his position has been seriously eroded by the execution of his uncle.

Obviously, nobody knows what's going on in North Korea, but what the world sees, coming through on the tightly controlled national media (KCNA), is very concerning.

Moreover, the recent release of the prisoner (Merrill Newman) and his uncle's execution couldn't be more at odds; this indicates a chaotic situation. It points to regime change, not a question of "if" but "when".....and "who"? Will the next leader be even more heinous?

When an unstable paranoid person feels legitimately threatened, there's virtually no way of stopping their ambitious terrorist instincts.  

Our world must pay attention to what's going on in North Korea. We know Kim Jung Un is capable of doing virtually anything including launching a random deadly military attack, or worse.

Millions of North Koreans have no recourse but to fall into lock step with Kim Jung Un. But, he's only one man holding millions of people hostage to his extraordinary tyranny.  

I've always been mystified about dictators who lead by imposing horror and fear on all who threaten their powers. These evil people engage in fanciful thinking, engaging in delusional beliefs about their unmitigated authority. In other words, they believe they're invincible. Tragically, before every single evil motivated dictator finally learns about their own mortality, they've already imposed unspeakable horror on everyone who exists within their scope of power. But, these demonic people are just one person. Those people who suffer under these despots are numbered in the millions, maybe close to a billion! Yet, the overwhelming majority are incapable of rising up against one evil despot. 

Case example, Pol Pot of Cambodia. He died in a hospital in 1998, after causing the massacre of untold thousands of his nation's people, for no particular reason. No one has yet been held accountable for the "Killing Fields" of Cambodia. But, Pol Pot was just one man. He was never prevented from continuing this terror on his own people. Pol Pot was just one mortal man.

Another example, of course, is Germany's Adolf Hitler. He died of an apparent self inflicted bullet wound on April 30, 1945; by then, he was responsible for the preventable deaths of millions of innocent Jewish people, civilians and military people who were immersed in World War II.  Just one man, who led millions of people to early and preventable deaths. Even an assassination attempt didn't deter Hitler, on July 20, 1944. Sadly, no one came forth to support those brave men who tried to stop his madness.  Instead, all the conspirators who tried to kill Hitler on July 20, 1944, wound up dead while Hitler continued his tyranny. Hitler was just one mortal man.

It seems to me, the world is risking a lot by waiting to see what Kim Jung Un will do next. He's capable of anything and we must assume he will do whatever he wants, even on a whim, without any motivation.  

Obviously, the North Korean situation is precarious. One unstable man is inflicting unmitigated terror on his own people while keeping innocent people wondering what he's up to.

With the cruel execution of his uncle, Kim Jung Un has successfully proven he is a person who must be feared. We the people of the world must be afraid, very afraid.

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