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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Obama's Economy

Newsmax is reporting how the US deficit is growing - SMALLER!!
CBO reports the deficit is $61 Billion less than last year.

The government has racked up a $231 billion budget deficit for the first two months of the new fiscal year, but that's down $61 billion from last year's figures, according to a report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

It seems to me, if a US Presidential leader is sacked with the blame for an economy gone sour, then the opposite trend should certainly provide praise.  

Along with Obamacare, aka "health care reform", the President must also put his name on the economy. It's Obama's economy, good or bad.  Right now, things are looking pretty good.

As the US stock market rebounds, following the Great Recession (sometimes called the "Lesser Depression") and the unemployment rate tumbles, it seems like Democrats should cluster around President Obama. Regardless of how many Republican darts are tossing randomly, trying to burst his leadership balloon, the outcome of his administration is clearly a progressive story of growth. Let's face it, when President Obama  became our nation's leader in 2009, our economy was circling the drain and swirling dangerously close to a Depression. 

In spite of the economic crisis President Obama inherited, he nevertheless pushed through badly needed health care reform in the 2010 Affordable Care Act. In spite of repeated Republican efforts to repeal the ACA, the law is changing the way health care is provided in America. For example, insurance beneficiairs now receive coverage for preventive care, thereby helping to reduce the cost of more expensive acute care. Children access health care insurance, regardless of pre-existing conditions and they may continue to be covered under their parents insurance until they're 26 years old. Insurance companies must provide 80 percent of a beneficiaries premiums for their coverage. Many beneficiaries receive rebates when their insurances don't expend up to threshold. This is an incentive for beneficiaries to keep themselves well, so they can receive their rebate check in the mail.

But, Republicans continue to demonize Obamacare without offering an alternative to any of the benefits.

Moreover, Republicans are at a loss to explain how the economy is in rebound, in spite of their wasteful efforts to derail job creation.

Although the right wing media is relentlessly demeaning "Obamacare", at the same time, while hardly anyone is watching, the economy is bouncing along in a positive direction.

Obama's economy is just as important as his health care reform

It's time he gets more credit for what he's done right.

Nevertheless, "no drama Obama" has allowed the Republican nay-sayers to trump his successes. Regrettably, Obama doesn't have the bravado of a President Lyndon Johnson or the convincing style of a President John Kennedy. As a matter of fact, I speculate that President Obama will spend a good deal of retrospective time in his post presidency years regretting being unable to use his bully pulpit to his best advantage.  

Meanwhile, Republicans are wasting more time creating workshops for party members, to teach them how to be more effective with women voters. This exercise is deemed necessary by GOP strategists because of the glitches some candidates ran into during 2012, when condescending language about women created anger about highly incendiary topics like the violence of rape.

It's time for Democrats to cluster around President Obama rather than to just select what it is they want to be "seen" as supporting. Democrats should be seen supporting the President

Personally, I can't wait for President Obama's 2014 State of the Union speech. He must use this wonderful opportunity to bolster his bully pulpit, to explain, and take credit for his success and put his name on this nation's growing economy.

Obama's economy and continued growth will lift his entire presidency and, hopefully, create a segue for another Democratic Presidential administration.  

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