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Monday, December 02, 2013

Right Winger Limbaugh Should Stick to Politics

My thinking about right wing radio pundits is to prevent their name from appearing in the media, because these zealots thrive on their notoriety. Nevertheless, ignoring them isn't always possible when their outrageous behavior must be admonished.

Right wing radio nut, Rush Limbaugh, must be experiencing low radio ratings. Otherwise, why in the world would he dare to challenge Pope Francis on political grounds? He's terribly wrong.

Limbaugh claims Pope Francis talks like a Marxist because he defends wealth sharing with the poor. Although I certainly don't know Pope Francis, I'm sure he's unaffected by Limbaugh's blabber mouthing.  

In daring to challenge Pope Francis about his opposition to "trickle down" economics, a theory about how the rich somehow magically share wealth with the poor, Limbaugh's extremist position finally confirms what most social justice liberals have been saying for decades. In other words, conservatives like Limbaugh can't achieve eternal salvation because they ignore the Beatitudes, preached at The Sermon on the Mount by Jesus Christ. 

As a matter of fact, challenging Pope Francis may well have determined the eternal salvation of the bombastic Russ Limbaugh. Thankfully, Pope Francis also believes fervently in forgiveness, so Limbaugh still has a chance to redeem himself. 

Nevertheless, Limbaugh violated the most important tenet of the Beatitudes:  Jesus condemns those who judge others before first judging themselves: "Judge not, that ye be not judged.

People who follow radio pundits expect Limbaugh to act in bizarre ways when the egotist is determined to get attention. But, like Jesus said to his followers, render unto Caesar things that are Caesars. Limbaugh should stick to his political rantings and stay far, far away from mentioning Pope Francis.

I predict Limbaugh's radio demise is forthcoming. Cancelling his show is long over due. 

Moreover, his criticism of Pope Francis is inappropriate.

Meanwhile, I advise Limbaugh to retract his judgmental statements about Pope Francis. There's virtually nothing to be gained by having right winger Limbaugh confirm what social liberals believe about his eternal salvation.  

A Christian can't be a political conservative. It's incongruous. 

Pope Francis has every right to call out conservatives for their arrogance towards the poor. On the other hand, Limbaugh and his minions have no right whatsoever to criticize the Pope. 

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