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Friday, September 06, 2013

Syria - Past the Point of No Return

With over 100,000 Syrians killed, resulting in at least a million refugees, the world is facing a genocide from which humanity will be unable to explain or recover. Clearly, Syria is past the point of no return - they can't undo genocide. If Al Assad's forces continue to eliminate more people through mass killings and Sarin gas attacks, his own forces will eventually turn the same weapons on others who oppose the oppressive government regime.

Yes, Senator John McCain tragically warned us about this imminent danger; and now his worst predictions have come to pass. Hundreds of dead women, children and civilians are evidence of the evil McCain warned us as imminent, if Assad continued his rampage in the Syrian civil war.  

(By the way, where's Pro-Life Queen Sarah Palin in defense of her former 2008 running mate?  There really are dead civilians to mourn in Syria; these people are not sadly hypothetical abortion victims.)

As you know, Senator McCain, it's often not easy to be right. 

Consequently, Americans like me owe Senator McCain an apology, for not paying close enough attention to the evil Syrian President Al Assad.  Clearly, the world needs to rise up against a man who  has committed crimes against humanity. In fact, Al Assad raised the bar above genocide; he did the unthinkable. Al Assad violated the Geneva Protocol by killing Syrian civilians with Sarin gas.

There was only one reason Al Assad used Sarin gas on innocent civilians -  one reason and only one:  he wanted to force President Barack Obama to retaliate and was, therefore, willing to sacrifice his own reputation in history to stand up to the US.  In so doing, Al Assad demonstrated an unrelenting ego without purpose or moral conviction.  Genocide will not resolve the Syrian Civil War.  Instead, this mass murder will bring an end to the Assad regime, but not soon enough to prevent a challenge to American world leadership.

Unfortunately, Americans have been led down the war path too many times since the end of World War II to believe another intervention will make any difference in the world.

Americans are, understandably, skeptical and war weary. 

Our nation has become something like the proverbial folk tale, about the boy who screamed wolf, just to get attention, until a real villain showed up; but, by then, nobody paid the boy any attention.  Al Assad has shown himself to be an evil personification of a wolf.  Nevertheless, Americans have been called to action too often- twice in Iraq and still in Afghanistan - to find out that the enemy leading Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, was really living in Pakistan.  

War weary or not, Americans must challenge a dictator who puts his own citizens to death for no reason except to, apparently, avenge a perceived threat against his leadership.  

How will Americans respond if Assad eventually uses Sarin gas on other populations, including the American military? This eventuality is, absolutely, bound to happen, unless Assad's capability to deliver deadly weapons of mass destruction, including Sarin gas, are completely destroyed.

Regardless of how ambiguous Americans public feels about retaliating on behalf of those dead Syrian civilians, the fact is, Assad crossed a red humanitarian line by killing his own people. 

In the annals of world history, Assad entered into a small circle of dictators like Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein, who also passed the point of no return by committing genocide.  

Assad used chemical weapons against his own people. As a result, his demonic leadership reputation has passed the point of no return and he will never recover from this crime against humanity.  

On behalf of the hundreds of dead Syrian children killed by Sarin gas, I want to see President Assad tried and convicted of genocide.

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