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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hypocrite Republicans with Health Insurance Target Obama's Health Care Reform "Obamacare"

It seems to me, the news media gives Republicans a pass on hypocrisy.  Can somebody please check on how much money taxpayers fork over to pay for Congressional benefits, including health insurance?  

Before Republicans in Congress try, again, to defund Obamacare, they should look inward and, instead, defund their own taxpayer paid benefits.  Now, after wasted votes to repeal the health care reform Obamacare, Republicans have clearly overreached by threatening to shut down government to defund the implementation. This obsession is stupidity fueled by hypocritical arrogance.  

Republicans in Congress receive healthy benefits most Americans yearn for, yet we taxpayers pay for what is denied to a majority of our own citizens. Indeed, health insurance is paid by US taxpayers for every single member of Congress, their staffs and their families. So, why do hypocrite Republicans want to defund Obamacare, for people who can't afford to pay for what Congress is entitled to receive?  Although this hypocrisy makes no sense, Republicans are like Lemmings heading for the cliff about repealing the Obamacare law.  They have no ideas of their own to help ordinary people, who can't afford health insurance, but continue to pick on Obamacare like a wounded animal licking a scab.

Republican hypocrites are downright selfish and outrageously unfair. They're determined to waste taxpayer time, repeatedly voting to defund the Obamacare Health Care Reform law, while they continue to receive taxpayer paid benefits.  

Republican might, instead, defund their own health insurance, before trying to repeal a law passed by the Congress, determined to be legal by the US Supreme Court and affirmed by the voters who re-elected President Obama, the law's creator.

Here's the Republican hypocritical plan:

The next step in the implementation of ObamaCare — open enrollment in state insurance exchanges — begins on October 1. Coincidentally, that is the same day that the federal government will run out of operating funds unless Congress passes a continuing resolution (CR) to keep it running. And some congressional Republicans are hoping to take advantage of this confluence of events to starve the healthcare law to death, even if it means risking a government shutdown.
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), for instance, has introduced an amendment to the CR currently under consideration that would cut off all funding for ObamaCare.

“If we want to stop this train wreck from hitting hard-working American families, the time to do so is now,” Cruz told Fox News Channel’s Special Report. Otherwise, he argued, “it will remain with us forever.”

OMG! No kidding?  Does Senator Cruz need another Civics class to realize a law passed by Congress will be with us forever?  

Republicans have already voted against the will of the American people by opposing gun control regulations, regardless of how many people are killed in preventable gun violence.  Now, I dare Republicans to repeal Obamacare when certain provisions in the law are popular. Obviously, Republicans are creating fear of the unknown in the Obamacare law, particularly about the employer mandate for providing coverage in companies with 50 or more employees. Nevertheless, rather than fix what needs modification, Republicans prefer, instead, to throw out the entire law, by voting to have it defunded or repealed.  Meanwhile, Republicans will continue to keep their own insurance, paid for by tax payers.

It's time to throw Republicans out of Congress, rather than allow them to act irresponsibly to repeal the Health Care Reform Law.
Their only objective in obsessing on Obamacare is to dangle it's carcass in front of the 2014 electorate - but they have no fresh ideas of their own to replace what they want to destroy.

Nevertheless, stupid hypocrisy is rampant among the Republican right wing zealots.  Therefore, Republicans like Cruz, who don't support Obamacare, should have their tax payer funded benefits revoked, because they don't deserve it.



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