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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Twitter Voyeurs and Myth Creators Give Right Wing Lift Power

Twitterzens Alert! 

Anyone who enters into the Twittersphere social networking quickly learns to shed thin skin. Indeed, the Twitterzen barrage of name calling, labeling and fear mongering I've experienced, as a result of putting facts in the face of myth creators, makes me wonder if these voyeurs are Hades underworld demons, let loose from Dante's inferno. 

An energized group of evil Twitterzens have escaped Hades. Like cockroaches, they've found fresh nests to inhabit on Twitter.

Every day brings a renewed infestation of these social demons. Under the guise of electronic anonymity, they craftily use the 140 character message limit to spread lies too fast to create an informed response. Even worse, they gleefully demonize those who rebut their venom with truth.

Recent, media hyped scandals, coming out of Washington DC, have an incendiary impact on these Hades escapees. Their cauldron bubbles with opportunities for them to spew too many lies for any mentally healthy persons to respond to. I've tried to exterminate the myths they declare, as evidence of their world gone wrong. Not one shred of "evidence" these myth creators spew would be admissible in any court. Even a Kangaroo Court would reject them. Nevertheless, these relentless predators of free speech create lies, because they can, and execute an electronic extermination on anybody who exercises our Constitutional rights to push back on their lies.
So, here are the current hot lies those Hades escapees are perpetrating as I write this blog:

Hot Lie #1: The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is controlling Obamacare (lie). This leap of reasoning is preposterous, but without push back, the myth morphs and becomes too big to fix.
Let's try to simplify this ridiculously large leap from IRS to DHHS. First of all, Obamacare, aka "Health Care Reform", set to be implemented in 2014, is the responsibility of an executive cabinet official, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebilius. The IRS is not responsible for the control of Health Care Reform. Rather, the IRS is involved because a number of corporations formed, as a result of the law. Many new corporations are requesting tax exempt, or 501(C), status, which is a request the IRS must review and, either, accept or reject. Republicans are furious about the connection between the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Health and Human Services oversight of the Health Care Reform, because, government money is attached to the contracts being awarded under "Obamacare". Republicans want their rich friends to reap the benefit of these contracts and they don't want IRS interference with the flow of these contracts. Therefore, Republicans are feeding the hungry media with myths about how the Internal Revenue Service is controlling Obamacare. I'm frustrated because there's nobody pushing back on this myth. My futile Twitter education efforts are treated like fresh meat, cast in front of a pack of rats. I'm the victim of truth.
Hot Lie #2: Talking points on the Benghazi consulate attack of September 11, 2012, and the complicated ripple of lies resulting from the incident. Republicans claim the talking points, developed between the White House, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the State Department, were changed to describe the attack on the Benghazi consulate as something less than a terror attack. This point of view ignores the facts that four people were killed during this violent incident. There's no way the Obama administration can change this deadly fact. Among the four people who died was Ambassador Stevens, who died, despite rescue efforts, as a result of a fire that erupted during an attack on the consulate. Republicans don't really want any facts about Benghazi, unless their myths about their opinions are substantiated. A big fact we should know regarding the fatal attack is for somebody, with authority, to reveal the reason why Ambassador Stevens left the security of the embassy in Tripoli to travel to Benghazi, on September 11, 2012. Why don't we know this? Nevertheless, the absolute fact is that all officials, managers and bureaucratic people (anybody who writes statements for the press) engage in making changes to talking points. The issue is the intention of the changes. Did the Obama administration deliberately change the taking points to favor the 2012 election? Or, were changes recommended (or required) because communications officials wanted to keep information about the incident from falling into the hands of those who perpetrated the attack? Instead of finding truthful information about what happened in Benghazi, the Republican myth makers are feeding the media, including Morning Joe on MSNBC, with a misinformation campaign, led Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma. Coburn deliberately claimed that Benghazi email messages were either missing or lies. Later, it was revealed that Republicans perpetrated the lies about Benghazi, but there's been no apology by Senator Coburn, or by Joe Scarborough, who let this lie go by on Morning Joe, without challenging the misleading statement.

Although lies, spun from scandals of the week, usually die a humiliating death, this demise hardly ever occurs with the fanfare of the original incident that started the spiraling misinformation.

Meanwhile, until political lies are debunked, they provide air lift to Right Wing extremist groups that thrive on spinning misinformation.

Obviously, the best way to prevent the twitter voyeurs, myth creators and air lift to Right Wing extremists is to completely eliminate political scandals. Hmmmm. Oh well! I'll just keep pushing back on those Twitter demons. At least, these Hades escapees are teaching me to grow very thickly resilient political skin, in defense of the boiling social media oil they're pouring in my direction.

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