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Monday, May 13, 2013

Gun Violence on Mother's Day and Little League Games

Another public shooting, this time in New Orleans, brought tragedy to a Mother's Day Parade.  This domestic terror incident is another in a growing litany of tragic incidents that are ruining people's lives and the fun of attending public celebrations

"I can assure whoever did this, we know a lot more about you than you think we do...and my recommendation to you is to collect yourself and turn yourself in," said New Orleans Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas.

Police are closing in on the perpetratorr of yet another domestic terror but the New Orleans incident wasn't the only frightening Mother's Day incident.  

My friend Mary Anne, in Maryland, wrote about another ruined Mother's Day outing in Pennsylvania. A Buck's County Little League Game was cancelled due to the threat of gun violence brought on by pro gun demonstrators on Mother's Day.

Mary Anne wrote to me about the Pennsylvania Little League  incident, because it ruined hers and her grandson's mother's day.  She wrote, "(My husband) Barry and I were looking forward to watching (our grandson) play softball. He had a 1:30 (little league) game. He has been a terrific player, winning the game ball constantly for outstanding plays. We couldn't wait to watch him play. Instead, an anti gun rally was planned in Philadelphia. It angered the NRA (National Rifle Association) so they planned to show up to protest with guns in hand. Can you believe this? Dozens of (little league) games had to be cancelled in case there were flying bullets! It affected 500 kids. I agree, that for safety reasons, they had to cancel the games but my poor grandson was so upset, because he wanted us to see him play. We were so disappointed because we couldn't watch him play. Then, I watch the news and find out that 19 people including 2 ten year olds were injured when guns were fired into the crowds during a Mothers Day parade in New Orleans. When will this stop? The NRA needs to be buried!"

This Pennsylvania incident was reported in, by Chris Palmer:

"Hundreds of Bucks County Little League players have unwittingly been caught in the midst of the national gun-rights debate. With competing gun-related rallies scheduled Saturday at Williamson Park in Morrisville, used by the town's Little League, league officials, at the urging of state police, are moving, rescheduling, or canceling more than 20 games to avoid any potential conflict that might erupt over the emotional issue. The matter is of particular urgency, since supporters of gun rights say they plan to legally carry guns as part of their rally."

There's no excuse whatsoever for these horrible gun violence and public threatening incidents.  

One incidents seems to feed into another until the American public become inoculated to the horrors.  What will it take for Americans to rise up against the National Rifle Association?  We've witnessed the murder of US president John F. Kennedy, attempted assassinations of public leaders, the shooting of Malcolm X, the killing of Reverend Martin Luther King, the mortal attack of Robert Kennedy, the near death of Congresswoman Giffords and the killing of her constituents.  We've witnessed the murder of students, children and teachers.  These incidents are now inciting more gun violence, too many to list.  

All of these murderous incidents were preventable. Guns caused these horrible tragedies. In the absence of guns, these incidents could not have occurred.  

Now, post New Orleans, we can expect the National Rifle Association to point fingers and demand that people who attend public celebrations carry guns, so we can kill those who want to kill us.

When will Americans rise up against the National Rifle Association?   
Too many innocent people are dying by gun violence, the numbers of terrorism incidents are rising, assassinations and random shootings don't even make the headlines anymore.  

Law abiding citizens cannot continue ignoring this growing culture of violence because of protecting "Second Amendment Rights".

Little league games must not be cancelled because of gun zealots who want Americans to lock step protect their Second Amendment Rights. 

Mother's Day must be a day of peace.  

Americans deserve public health and safety protection against preventable gun violence. The time is long overdue for the National Rifle Association to stop filling Americans with fear. Instead, the NRA should join the call for expanding background checks for gun sales, to protect Americans from the growing horror of preventable gun violence.

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