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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Old Fashioned Political Scandals - Republicans Can't Get Votes but Smell the Power in Scandals

Republicans are dangerously close to becoming extinct, because their voting base is eroding, while the party alienates minority groups. Like cornered wild animals, the GOP can only use one offensive strategy - called the political scandal. 

Scandal muckraking is a old fashioned strategy that can demoralize voters.

A series of over reaching responses to Obama administration missteps gives the Republicans fodder to raise voter ire.  GOP rage over the Benghazi 9/11 tragedy, bolstered by an IRS response to 501(c) 4 non profit applications, submitted by conservative political groups, and fueled by a Justice Department admission to the subpoena of Associated Press reporters phone records, all contribute to the GOP strategy to demoralize voters, in advance of the 2016 elections.

Political scandals go deeper than the misuse of power. They accumulate and cause volcanic eruptions among voters. Now, the GOP, even in their last gasps of relevance, are given a gift in the Obama administration's mistakes.

CNN reports:  "News headlines of the past week portray an administration engulfed in potential scandal, providing opponents of President Barack Obama with plenty of ammunition to try to derail his agenda in the early months of his second term."

Meanwhile, in another, more politically significant story, a Hispanic Republican liaison in Florida has decided to abandon the GOP and became a Democrat. 

This Florida story should be news media leads. Instead, it's obviously become shrouded by the hype over a series of administration scandals.

Washington Post Politics reports: "The Republican National Committee’s former Hispanic outreach director in Florida has become a Democrat, citing the Republican party’s 'intolerance' and a general frustration with the party’s attitude toward immigration."

Therefore, while Democrats are growing in numbers, the Republicans have found the political fuel, fed by scandals, to demoralize energized voters.  When discouraged voters refrain from voting, the Republicans can win elections with zealous turnout and they who won't be outnumbered.

Obviously, the cluster of Obama administration scandals will build a relentless Republican response into the 2016 election. 

Political strategists know from past scandals how important it is for administrations to reveal ALL information about scandals, every shred of it, rather than allow these kind of stories to drip-drip-drip like an annoying metronome.

So, the only way to stop the Republican outrage is to be sure these cornered politicians have no new information to exploit.  Meanwhile, our news media has been desperate to fill the post election void, so any scandal fills their hungry air time and newsprint.  The news must be filled by facts to discredit scandals.

It's essential for the Obama administration to get ahead of these scandals and focus, instead, on how to win the 2016 elections!  Let's remove obstructionist Republicans from office, while eliminating the scandals that give fuel to their dwindling voter base.  Otherwise, old fashioned political scandals could define the 2016 elections.


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