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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thank you Police Chief Edward A. Flynn - A Game Changer with Senator Lindsey Graham

Senator Lindsey Graham (R) from South Carolina never thought he'd make such passionate national news when he received brilliant push back from Milwaukee's brave Police Chief Edward Flynn, during a public hearing on the need for gun regulations.  

If I were a South Carolina voter, the condescending attitude of Senator Graham towards a passionate guest, trying to protect the public from gun violence, would convince me to vote him out of office.

Chief Flynn certainly put Senator Graham in his place!

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn is getting widespread praise for his animated response to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) yesterday (Feb 27) at a hearing on a bill that would ban assault weapons. Flynn deserves national support for his passion. During the hearing, Graham parroted the National Rifle Association (NRA) line about prosecuting those who lie on gun background check forms,  when Flynn called him out on it!  Flynn held his ground, insisting that prosecutors didn't have time to go after people who lied on the forms. That's just "chasing paper" he said. What's needed is that these people are stopped from purchasing guns. Going after them for lying on the forms would be a waste of resources, he said. Red herring exposed!

A blogger named Citizen Dave writes, "Extremists....about guns like (Senator) Lindsey Graham have had the field to themselves for far too long. American need others like Chief Flynn to fight back with....passion".  

A YouTube video link of this exchange is worth watching:

Police Chiefs dislike dealing with media (having worked as Executive Director of emergency medical services for 6 years taught me how skeptical Police Chiefs are of making any news), so the spontaneity of Flynn's response to Senator Graham was particularly compelling.  This exchange was certainly unanticipated and I'm reasonably certain Senator Graham would give anything to recall the entire incident.  It was an embarrassing example of news you don't want to see about yourself on the morning talk shows. Frankly, Senator Graham appeared rude and inept during the exchange with a respected public servant.

But, condescending behavior provided another good reason to remove Senator Graham from the United States Senate, because he used his authority to intimidate Chief Graham, rather than listening to what the man came to say.

It's certsainly time for Senator Graham to apologize to Chief Flynn, but, hopefully this has already happened.  

More important, Senator Graham should see this exchange as a game changer for himself.  Senator Graham should take his exchange as a signal to  stop his support for NRA rhetoric and show some respect towards those working to protect the public from harm.

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