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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Somebody Must Cut the Sequester Before Cutting Middle Class Economic Investment

Congressional Republicans show mixed-up priorities as they obsessively look (OMG- again!) to further reduce middle class safety net programs, as the March 1st Sequester looms, causing preventable but serious job killing spending cuts. 

These obsessed fiscal cutters, led by Congressman Eric Cantor and supported by House Speaker John Boehner, tell us they believe the politics of austerity is somehow better for our economy than the return on investment if President Obama's stimulus initiatives (like building roads and bridges) are adopted.

Sequester cuts to defense contracts on March 1st, will be immediate. Consequently, the sequester will negatively impact on middle class jobs, especially in union shops, like Bath Iron Works, in Maine, where defense contracts are awarded to build destroyers.  Republicans are playing political roulette with  our nation's national security by holding firm to their obsession with austerity, just because they can. 

This inaction on the sequester is another slap in the face to the middle class voters who elected President Obama. Republican Congressmen and women who took February vacation this week, rather than working on a solution to the Sequester deadline, are behaving irresponsibly. Rather than cut programs, Americans should cut these Congressional salaries by the amount of tax payer money they each receive, for every hour they aren't working.

Even more common sense would prevail if Congress cut the Sequester entirely. Instead of cutting programs that will damage our nation's economic recovery, like job supporting defense contracts, the Congress should look to fund our national priorities to include (a) jobs related to defense and developing national infrastructure (b) middle class safety net programs like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Veterans benefits, and (c) national, and domestic safety and security.

Americans who voted for President Obama must continue to remind Congressional Republicans about the outcome of the 2012 election, by using our right to petition our government. Congress must be told, again, to cut the Sequester and save our nation from yet another - yes, another (!) - manufactured fiscal crises.  

Otherwise, the November 2014 election is a Sequester the Congressional Republicans can really fear.

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