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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

House Speaker John Boehner Writes Op-Ed But Won't Solve Sequester

John Boehner: Wall Street Journal prints whining opinion by John Boehner, includes lies but no leadership nor solutions.

"The President Is Raging Against a Budget Crisis He Created - Obama invented the 'sequester' in the summer of 2011 to avoid facing up to America's spending problem," writes Boehner.

I'm really worried about how Speaker Boehner can fabricate information and get published in the Wall Street Journal.  Obviously, the Wall Street Journal won't publish my blog, because I'm challenging the Speaker's misinformation, but the proverb holds that a lie travels halfway around the world (via the WSJ) before truth can pull its pants on.

Boehner writes, "But President Obama was determined not to face another debt-limit increase before his re-election campaign. Having just blown up one deal, the president scuttled this bipartisan, bicameral agreement. His solution? A sequester."

Poor Pinocchio. He's just a perfect cliche to point out the above false statement.  In fact, Speaker Boehner was thrilled to get the Sequester into the Budget Control Act of 2011 and now he acts like he's "shocked! shocked!" about the President supporting it?  

Pinocchio alert! 

I'm no expert on the Budget Control Act, but I'd be "shocked! shocked!" if the president's position on the fiscal austerity law didn't include revenue.  President Obama is willing to support a balanced approach to reducing the nation's deficit.  Speaker Boehner knows this to be the truth, but refuses to accept the balanced approach as a compromise position and, thereby, avoid the looming March 1st Sequester. 

Truth is this:  Boehner wanted the Sequester in the Budget Control Act. He's telling the Wall Street Journal a lie by claiming this provision was supported by President Obama, when Republicans are preventing revenue from being included in the solution.

It's time to cut House Speaker John Boehner and eliminate the Sequester altogether.  Hopefully, Americans are waking up to the realities of how Republicans want to govern. It's incredible to see how Republican prefer bullying rather than leading and promoting austerity without regard for seeking revenue to balance the budget.

Sequester is unnecessary and so is Speaker Boehner's job.

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