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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Let's Support Sequestration if it Means Republican Are Booted Out of Office

A dire but  avoidable economic disaster will occur beginning on March 1st, when cuts to defense and programs to help middle class people will be cut, just because the Republicans in Congress don't want to compromise on revenue (taxes).  

Maybe, Republicans who aren't doing anything to stop this crises will actually bring about their own political demise.  It's a manufactured crises that could cement and sink the end of Republican Congressional leadership (one can hope).

Sequestration is another in a short litany of manufactured economic crises, but it can become the straw that finally breaks the  back of obstructionist Republicans in Congress, who just won't accept the outcome of the 2012 election.  President Obama won, but they won't accept the outcome of the democratic process. Instead of using what political influence they have to support a majority agenda, they intend to create misery for the middle class who voted for the president.

Nevertheless, if Republicans allow sequestration to move forward, the voters must respond and vote every one of them out of office.  

Virginia is one state where sequestration will have a terrible economic impact, because the state's defense jobs are heavily cut in the sequestration.  Virginia's economy is as dependent on defense contracts and government money as the elderly are on Social Security and Medicare.  It's easy to see that Virginia's economy will go into Depression if this sequestration moves forward.  Northern Virginia is the home to thousands of government workers who commute to Washington DC; even more dependent is the southeastern part of the state, saturated with the US Navy in Norfolk, Oceana, Little Creek, Newport News, Portsmouth and Virginia Beach, plus the ancillary jobs associated with these major defense installations.

Where is Congressman Eric Cantor? Constituents in his home state stand to loose economic security, they're at risk of loosing thousands of jobs, while he's part of the leadership of the opposition to prevent the sequestration!

Virginia's Republican Governor is concerned.  Governor Bob McDonnell is against this sequestration.  He's a Republican who calls for the Congress to get something done to avoid the sequester. 

Virginia's Republican Congressman Scott Rigell even attended President Obama's anti sequestration rally in Newport News, Virginia. This was a huge statement by Rigell and in "your face" to fellow Republican Congressman Eric "can't get it done" Cantor.

Of course, a simple vote can eliminate this sequester. Incredulously, Republicans have some weird self destructive impulse by wanting this mess to happen.  This convoluted logic can't be lost on Virginia voters who will certainly remember to vote the Republicans out of office when their economic security is threatened.

Meanwhile, all Americans will suffer the economic consequences of the avoidable sequester on March 1st, because Republicans continue acting out, like spoiled children, about their loss of the White House during the 2012 election.  

Therefore, we American voters must vote every Republican obstructionist out of office, as soon as possible. We need progressive rather than obstructionist political leaders. We must vote for political leaders who care about the people they represent, rather than blindly following their failed ideology.

Unfortunately, since the "move them all out" election isn't until 2014, we can only pray that sequestration will serve at least one positive purpose, in spite of its negative economic impact.

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