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Friday, January 11, 2013

Gun Nuts - A Chaotic Approach to the Second Amendment

"Gun Nuts" are a group of zealots who use the Constitutional Second Amendment to project paranoid fear of government. 

They believe their right to own guns, to protect themselves against a non-existent threat, is more important than shielding the public from the harm caused by those who abuse Second Amendment rights.  Zealots deliberately stir a frenzy of mistrust against the conscientious people who simply want to protect the public from the weekly massacres of innocents. 

Nevertheless, almost every week, the world is subjected to images of American gun violence. 

Our nightly news covers too many massacres, because Second Amendment gun nuts believe they have a right to own any kind of a gun.  

I recall the 1960s old black and white TV nightly news projected tragic killings and body counts from the Viet Nam.War. Watching those brutal visuals during the dinner hour overwhelmed Americans and caused our nation to turn against the Viet Nam War.  

Therefore, it's a mystery why Second Amendment zealots continue to project their unwarranted fear of being denied any guns, when Americans are subject to the violent consequence of unbridled weapon ownership.  Unfortunately, Americans may be desensitized to violence. Perhaps we're no longer able to respond appropriately to the calls for gun regulation. 

Otherwise, if visuals still have an impact,  Americans should be as outraged by gun violence as we were as a nation against the Viet Nam War.  Congressional action in support of an assault weapons ban should be a bipartisan "slam dunk", because the public safety is at risk, while zealots continue to amass arsenals of deadly weapons.

Gun nuts, who believe their rights to own murderous weapons are more important then protecting innocent lives, are projecting a Schizophrenic attitude toward gun regulation.  We simply can't permit unbridled chaotic thinking about this public health gun problem.  Indeed, public access to assault weapons can't be tolerated while, at the same time, we continue mourning the growing litany of innocent victims of gun violence. 

Rhetoric in support of Second Amendment rights has reached a paranoid crescendo with gun nuts going viral on social media to muckrake as much fear as possible against any regulation of deadly assault weapons.  Perhaps these gun nut zealots should be subject to a mental health screening as a pre-requisite to keeping the arsenals they already own.  Call them obsessive about guns, say they are paranoid or observe them as gun hoarders.  However these gun nuts are categorized, the summary of their behavior is certainly not rational.  Their schizophrenic approach to gun regulation must be treated like a viable mental illness.  

Gun Nuts must be subject to reality checks, which includes frank reminders about the consequences of their obsession, and treated with enforceable common sense regulations to curtail the compulsion to own guns.



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