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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Five Reasons to Vote Republicans Out of Office

House Republican will caucus to srategize about the imminent budget negotiations, but they are really contriving for a fight.

At their annual three-day retreat, House Republicans are strategizing about how to address upcoming budget fights with Senate Democrats and President Obama.

Our country can't continue to support this back door strategizing for the purpose of obstructing, rather than facilitating, efficient government.  Instead of wasting tax payer money, paid to the Congress who engage in obstructionist strategic planning sessions, the voters should, instead, vote them out of office.  

Republicans violate the public's trust by ignoring the Democratic processes they are elected to support.

Here are five reasons to vote Republicans out of office:

1.  Public safety - lawmakers have the responsibility to protect the public from harm, but Republicans will do nothing to support the protection of children from preventable deaths by gun violence, because they prefer second amendment rights to protecting human life.

2.  Health Care - Republicans consistently create barriers to affordable and quality health care by calling for increasing the Medicare  beneficiary age, by supporting efforts to revoke the Patient Affordable Care Act of 2010 (aka Health Care Reform) and eliminating programs to help the poor, especially Medicaid.  

3.  Fiscal Responsibility -  Our US Constitution is clear about the nation not being permitted to default on our debt. Nevertheless, Republicans want to violate this law by putting conditions on extending the debt ceiling.  In obstructing the lifting of the debt ceiling, the Republicans are in violation of the Constitution.

4.  Obstructing voting rights - Republicans want to control who votes by creating daunting voter identification laws before a person can exercises this fundamental Democratic right.  In fact, the GOP proposed voter identification laws to target minority groups who find administrative processes to be overwhelming and they are often fearful of accessing their right to vote. In other words, Republicans want to intimidate minority voters.

5.  Anti-immigration policies-  In spite of the fundamental and indisputable fact that all Americans are ancestors of immigrants, Native Americans notwithstanding, the Republicans still call for expelling undocumented immigrants and make legal immigration a longer than necessary process.  

American voters need a Congress who facilitates programs to care for our citizens, who support the US Constitution and the Democratic processes supported by majority rules elections.

As Republicans caucus behind closed doors and scheme about their next political "fight", they should also be discussing how to earn a living when voters elect them out of office.   



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