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Monday, January 14, 2013

Republicans and the Government Debt Ceiling - American People at Risk Again

Republicans have abdicated their responsibility as political leaders and their ability to be American statesmen- meaning, they're no longer capable to manage our government. Let's stop paying them!

After experiencing a decisive 2012 election defeat, with a majority of voters going for Democratic candidates, and following a grueling negotiation over the "fiscal cliff", where taxes were finally raised on American millionaires and billionaires, Republicans, nevertheless, want to hold our economy hostage to yet another uncessary fiscal fight.  Right Wing Republicans insist they won't pay bills they incurred, by refusing to increase the nation's debt ceiling. In other words, while our US Congress approves all appropriations, they don't want to pay those bills because the Republicans see this moment as a political opportunity to create more fiscal angst for average Americans.  

Republicans are holding average Americans hostage because they want to cut the cost of government, regardless of who gets harmed. If Congress refuses to raise the debt ceiling, the government can't pay bills owed to Social Security beneficiaries and government salaries, plus numerous other bills already encumbered by Congress.  

When Republicans overeach in their goal to cut government, they're raising the ire of average and middle class Americans who earned the benefits and salaries the GOP claim to want to cut. Their obstructionist behavior will be addressed in 2014, when we have another chance to replace them in the ballot box.

Clearly, Republicans have lost their moral compass.  By refusing to show political leadership, by balking at compromising in fiscal negotiations, they put middle class people in positions of economic uncertainty, while they continue collecting government salaries and generous tax payer paid benefits.

It's time Republican lawmakers face uncertainty about their own salaries while they continue holding the US economy hostage, just because "they can". 

Republicans in Congress should not receive a salary while they hold everybody else's economy hostage, just to force their extremist austerity agenda.

Let's lower the Republicans debt ceiling by cutting their salaries until they demonstrate leadership and political statesmenship.

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