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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ryan's Pinocchio Nose - New York Times Digests His Speech and We All Throw Up

Congressman Paul Ryan's acceptance speech at the Tampa Republican Convention was decoded in The New York Times.  

It's loaded with lies, but the rapture infected partisan audience bought every word.

Now, the news media are nearly unanimous in debunking Ryan's speech.  Fact checkers are scrambling to decipher Congressman Paul Ryan’s lie infested speech last evening in Tampa, when he was nominated to run as Mitt Romney’s running mate for Vice-President. I submit the lies Ryan gleefully spewed on the nearly hypnotized euphoric Republican audience were deliberate, because his job is to strategically detract venom from Mitt Romney. 

In other words, if the media is busy debunking Ryan’s lies, they’ll be too preoccupied to pick apart Mitt Romney. This strategy could lead to an improvement in Romney’s likability ratings, because he won’t be assaulted every day for his inconsistent issues with Bain Capital, his tax returns, his off shore money investments or his support for the ridiculously right wing GOP party’s anti-women’s health platform. It will take a 24/7 fact checker to stay ahead of the GOP lies, deliberately told, to win the Presidential election and turn our nation back to a pre-1950s society.

Perhaps the greatest lie of all in the Ryan speech had to do with his complete lack of accountability for the problems he rails about.  Congressman Ryan is the obstructionist who prevented President Obama's policies from moving our nation out of the deepest economic recession since the Great Depression.

It's worth reading The New York Times annotated version of the Congressman Paul Ryan speech:

Unfortunately, a dangerous quote adequately describes Ryan's speech lies: “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” ― Adolf Hitler 



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